Has Allianz settled the score?

Get ready for some serious head shaking.
Allianz is a German-based insurance company with offices worldwide.
During World War II, the company insured Auschwitz for the perpetrators of evil who ran the Holocaust. Yes, you read that right, Allianz insured the Nazis. 
But wait, there's much more.
The company also insured tens of thousands of German Jewish citizens.

In 2014, this article appeared during a golf tournament in South Florida. In it, Randall Lieberman, Staff Writer, quotes a White House number cruncher who says, "I figured out the worth of all the portfolios held by the European insurance companies. In today's value, Allianz's share of the Jewish claims would be about $2.5 billion, yet they've paid out only about $50 million."  Is that accurate? Who can make such claims and what is the company doing about those outstanding claims?  

Similarly in 2013, again as a result of the same golf tournament, this article was published. The life insurance policies taken by those Jewish Eastern Europeans might have only been worth $1,500 in those days in those dollars, but by today's standards, those unpaid amounts would be worth billions.

Other articles, from 1997 in the Wall Street Journal:  https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB865264312555475000

Even ESPN published this (2008) after the New York Giants and the New York Jets canceled negotiations with Allianz over naming rights to the new Meadowlands stadium:

Have you shaken your head yet?
What's a company to do?
What's an individual to do for whom compensation should be forthcoming?

The writer of Proverbs in the Bible gave some financial and sagely advice which would have seriously helped Allianz stay ahead of the media shame.  They still can follow the advice.

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to do it." (Proverbs 3.27)

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