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Masquerading and Messiah: What is a messianic Jew?

A couple weeks ago I met a rabbi. We were in a synagogue in Melbourne and he was setting up a bookstall of information about his beliefs outside the sanctuary. We had both attended a gathering of Christians and Jews in support of Israel, in light of the terrible outpouring of hostility from Hamas and Gaza in the previous week.  When he asked me which side I was on, I said, I am able to sit on both sides of the fence. I'm both a Jew and a believer in Jesus.

He stood back, quickly, and then asked if my mother was Jewish. Isn't that a ridiculous question, I thought because my identity is not the issue at all. But I answered that both my mother and father and their parents before them were indeed all Jewish people. He asked another question about my faith, and I answered in measured tones and with reason. He then wanted to know "Why do you do this?" I had to ask, "What is the 'this' to which you refer?" He wanted to know why I believe and spread the me…