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Prayer, not a bad idea, or is it?

Messianic rabbi prays and people are incensed
The article that prompts this blog is here: NBC News
Being that we live in Australia, and since we have no direct knowledge of the event or the circumstances, we have no official JFJ response to the politicking that is flaring up all over the Twitter world. However, we do have an opinion about Rabbi Loren and about messianic Judaism. 
I’ve known Loren Jacobs since 1979, as he and his wife Martha, and my wife Patty and I joined in with Jews for Jesus in a year of learning and training and growing and community development. It was an exceptional time and one which I will always remember. We had daily teaching sessions, workshops on various subjects, and even Friday night Shabbat gatherings. When the Jacobs’ and we moved to New York City in June 1980, we continued to meet on Friday nights. We didn’t meet to convert anyone; we met to …