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Judas, Israel and Wentworth

Bob published this on his Facebook page on  October 18 at 6:38 AM My reply to the noise from The Conversation (…) : My response: "Tony Walker calls our PM’s discussion of moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem “opportunistic”, ‘craven’, ‘chicanery’ and ‘a cynical exercise in vote buying.“ In what other non-capital cities does Australia have our embassy? Jerusalem has been the capital, the focus of the Jewish people’s history there for 3,000 years. Jerusalem has been her national capital since 1949. The Knesset (Parliament) and Supreme Court have been there since the country’s founding. Recognising the capital of a country as the home of our embassy is the proper respectful decision we should have made decades ago" On Monday, in answering the same Conversation AND ABC report, the Honest Reporting website offered this view about Judas and anti-Semitism.…

Broadway: The Book of Mormon in Australia, a review

The show is not new, but it was new to me last night. Reviewing a long-established musical is a bit unnecessary for many, but I like to ponder what I saw and heard, and to share it with you, my faithful followers. Some spoilers are here, but since the play has been out for so long, I feel the liberty. So here goes.
The themes included truth-telling vs lying, Americana (represented in Salt Lake City and Orlando, Florida) vs the rest of the world, and religion itself, of course. The dynamics of working and living life together plays out as does humility as a positive human trait. So much in a song-and-dance extravaganza. 
Let's unpack this.
Listen to these lines from the opening song. While everyone is ringing doorbells and trying to wiggle their way into people's homes, Arnold Cunningham, a missionary trainee, is being direct:
"Hello, would you like to change religions?  I have a free book written by Jesus"
All a leader of the missionaries quickly replies with: "No, n…

Turning 20

Jews for Jesus opened in 1998 here in Australia, when the Family Mendelsohn moved from New York City to launch the organization. Who knew that 20 years later, we'd still be here, sharing Messiah among the Jewish people, and with anyone else who is listening?

We gathered at the shop the other day with some friends and donors to celebrate the last two decades, with song, and stories, with food (of course), and with great gladness for all God has done and is doing among our people.

If you have been part of our story, we thank you. Some have sent us funds, or letters of encouragement. Some have dropped by the shop and purchased goods, and had a cuppa and muffin. Some attended public gatherings for the Jewish holidays or were part of our Paddington outreach, have letterboxed for us, or handed out tracts on the streets of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or here in Sydney. We have had volunteers from churches and some who came alone. If any of these are you...please receive our he…

The Sabbath, the Jews and the Lord of the Sabbath

Given on 30 September Macquarie Anglican Church
Introduction Thank you for welcoming me to the pulpit today, to share the message about the Jewish people and the Sabbath. And today we’re going to focus on Leviticus 25 and God giving Torah to the Jewish people on Mt Sinai, and some selected readings from the Gospels.
Maybe because I’m giving this message in a church on a Sunday, once a Jewish man wearing a kippah is introduced as the preacher, some in the church will get nervous, especially if they hear the phrase ‘Mt Sinai’ in his introductory comments. The immediate suspicion among many would be “Oh no, this guy didn’t read Galatians and wants to get us ‘under the Law.’ Or “Oh no, another sermon trying to get me to live in a rule-book religion.” Let me say, from the outset, the purpose of this talk is to focus us on Yeshua himself, to see what He did with this topic, and to see how often he would use the idea or the rules of the Jewish Sabbath to point people to himself. That, my friends…