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Yom Kippur prayers

Prayers on Yom Kippur                                                           Wednesday 19 September 2018
Today we consider our own lives and the lives of the Jewish people in Sydney and beyond. We pray to the Almighty for His forgiveness of our many sins, known and unknown, things done and left undone. We come with humble hearts and eager desire to know and be known by Him. Because of Yeshua, this is possible.
There are prayer books and prayer shawls available. Use them during this Hour of Prayer as you feel led. There are moments of silence and times of corporate prayer where we pray the same prayers at the same time, but they are still ‘your’ prayers. We together seek God. We together want His Lordship over our lives. We together want so many things. 
Today, the Day of Atonement, we remove all the blockages and ask God to wipe our slates clean. Nothing is hidden that will not be exposed. He knows all things. 
Our prayer time will be composed of  1)Silence 2)Prayers of confession 3)Words …

God created the world; so what?

-->God created the world. So what? By Bob Mendelsohn Given on Rosh Hashanah 5779 September 2018 Sydney Australia
To listen to this, click on this link. L’shana Tovah to you and all your family. Today marks the new year, 5779, and we in Australia are among the first in the world to celebrate this special occasion. I used to love this season of the year, and especially this holiday as it marked the end of the summer in the US where I grew up, and the start of a new sporting season for football, and school would begin where at times I was successful. At times my parents would purchase a new outfit or shirt for me to wear during this holiday season, and there was something about hearing the sound of the shofar which perked my ears to something eerie and wondrous. Maybe this is how you feel about now as well.  The rabbi would wear a white robe, the congregation and choir sang a bit more intensely, and the atmosphere was anticipatory. Something was going to happen, but we didn’t know what. I…