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Farewell, Tattersall (a eulogy)

These words were delivered at the Thanksgiving / Celebration service after the internment of my friend and another Jewish believer. Maybe the comfort intended will matter to you as well.

Given by Bob Mendelsohn
Saturday 18 August 2018

Tattersall Le’Aupepe (on the left) is not with us tonight. But we are all here tonight because of him. We are either related to him or have had a relationship with one of his relatives or with him particularly. And the testimony I’ve heard and will continue to hear, and will say myself, is that because of Tatts, we are better. Our lives are better. Our joy is fuller. Our love increased. 
He had a way of making us think of better things. He had a way of filling our lives with higher thoughts. When we would meet up, or talk on the phone, when we saw each other in person, whenever I intersected with Tatts, my life improved. I was better off for that intersection. 
Why was that? What did he know? How did he get that way? 
My mind flashes on two fishing boats ne…

Violence on the pitch

This really has to stop. Sunday in Perth, one footballer struck another footballer in the mouth. It wasn't part of a play. It wasn't related to positioning, as the ball was over 100 metres away from the two of them. I didn't watch it live, but saw the replay last night and was shocked, but not completely. Saturday night I mentioned this to my friend Roger when we were out at the Sydney Cricket Ground watching our beloved Sydney Swans sneak by the Collingwood Magpies. What did I mention? That the roughhousing on the pitch has to stop. The pushing and shoving and swinging and hitting and .... is a mark of something, but it's not sportsmanship. I'm weary of it.

The man on the right, Andrew Gaff of the West Coast Eagles struck 19-year-old first-year player Andrew Bradshaw. Gaff broke his jaw. And several teeth are out of place. And the young abused Andrew will miss several matches. How many will Gaff miss?

What happened? What I see is not jockeying for position. What …