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Who makes up your mind? A lesson in curating

I used to watch this man, Walter Cronkite most evenings at 5:30 in my Kansas City home. Then, Friday, March 6, 1981, he ended his nightly presenting of the news for me. Dan Rather took over after that. Here's his famous ending and sign-off in this short video.  

What made those 30 minutes so informative, what made it so nightly for us, what made Cronkite so trustworthy was that he and his team of journalists roamed the world, investigated the happenings and curated the information for us. It was not 'fake news.' It was simply 'the news.'

Curating is the job of the folks on television news stations, at the museum, or at the universities, galleries and high school classes. Curating has to do with choosing, both selecting and deselecting, bringing information or beauty, news and life to others. It's about making sense or bringing the best to others. Walter Cronkite curated the news for us. And we learned and we had confidence in what he reported.

'Fake news' …