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Look what came out of that rock!

Moses was a fairly older man when the incident I'm going to share with you took place. Maybe 100, maybe 114 or older. That's getting up there. And he was a leader of a large group of Jewish people. Maybe 3 million or so by that time. One old guy leading a large crew of wilderness wanderers. I see trouble about you?

The scene takes place in a village named Kadesh on the outskirts of the Edomite region immediately after Moses' older sister Miriam dies. (Recorded in the Bible in Numbers chapter 20). There is no water and the people send up a lynching party, or at least a union workers party to tell Moses and his older brother Aaron how they feel. The crowd didn't really offer any suggestions, but only came to k'vetch. No surprise there.

Moses and his brother pray. They hear from God that they should 1) take Moses' rod, 2) assemble the people and 3) speak to the rock. Pretty straightforward. Simple. 1, 2, 3. OK, so Moses takes his rod (check), and along…

Woody, death and 'just in case'

I remembered the movie when it came on my movie channel today, but didn't remember all of it. "Cafe Society" is another Woody Allen movie with big star power and plenty of references to New York City vs Los Angeles, jazz music, a Jewish hit-man and issues of true love. Nothing new there.

The movie was released in 2016, and carries a conclusion by Ben, played by Corey Stoll, a veteran Woody Allen cast member, who is busted for his murdering the neighbor and extortion and countless other crimes. He receives the death sentence and as you would expect from Woody Allen, at the end he searches for the meaning of life (especially in death.) He wants assurance that there is something more, and welcomes Father Brolian in his last week of life. Ben Dorfman, a Jew, is seeking solace and the comfort that Christians seem to have as they finish this life. 

Bobby, the nephew of Ben, played by Jesse Eisenberg, is scandalized. Mind you, if someone else wrote other chunks of this screenpl…