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A Bookshop Sale

For no apparent reason, we are conducting a sale of 20%... everything in our Jews for Jesus book shop in Bondi Junction is going to go on sale for one week only, from Friday this week (5th of May) to Friday next week (12th of May). Weekdays only. We are not open on weekends, usually.

Everything including all the Arnold Fruchtenbaum books, Art Katz books, CDs of Paul Wilbur and Marty Goetz, DVDs ranging from teachings to Hollywood movies, Judaica like shofars and prayer shawls, anointing oils and candles. It's a comprehensive sale, nothing is omitted.

If you have an extra Bible or more, and can bring it to the shop, anytime, we'd love to have more used Bibles to give away. We give them freely (Proverbs 23.23, Matthew 10.8), so please be generous, especially if it's a Bible that's still in good nick, but you just haven't opened in over a year. Thanks.

Have you listened to a podcast lately? They are all here. Bible classes, sermons, some one-off teachings. We thin…

To be or not to be...on Facebook

For about 7 weeks, I've been off Facebook. I have not looked at my page, nor noticed friend requests, nor private messages. What a pleasure it has been to have all that extra time for all kinds of other activities. I also remembered that social connection is worthwhile, so I spent more time on the phone and in-person contact with people in the US and here in Australia. When I was alone at an eatery, I didn't log onto my smart phone to see what others were doing; I read a bit, and pondered a bit, and enjoyed the silence of the media. Alone... not a bad place to be.

Wait, you say, God said, 'It is not good for a man to be alone.' And of course, I agree with that. And that has to do with lifetime relationships between a man and his wife. Still, there are times, when a man has to be alone with God, and a woman has to be pondering all that God is saying to her individually as well. I'm not Roman Catholic, but I always liked St. (Mother) Teresa's comment about pray…

CT, rabbis and Passover for Jesus-- a response

by Rich Robinson, guest blogger

Rabbis Yehiel Poupko and David Sandmel’s recent article “Jesus Didn’t Eat a Seder Meal,” was written in response to the increasing interest of Christians in Passover and the celebration by some of Christian seders. Certainly, this phenomenon deserves exploration and comment. But I am not so sure that Rabbis Poupko and Sandmel’s response is the kind that is needed.

The authors explain Christian interest in Passover as partly due to American freedom. Yet more foundationally it coincides with the rediscovery that Christian faith is a tree that springs from Jewish roots—as the authors,in fact, suggest in their next paragraph. It is not merely “innate human curiosity” but a realization that Christianity is a fulfillment of Jewish hopes, centered on a Jewish Messiah, a hope that included the worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on the part of the nations of the world, i.e. non-Jews. For many Christians, this realization has given new depth to the…

The Father's Love: I never knew you

Parshat Tsav
A sermon given at Or Haolam
Overland Park, Kansas
By Bob Mendelsohn
Saturday 8 April 2017

To listen to this online: Click here

Shabbat shalom, to the members of Or Haolam, to my friends, relatives, brothers and sisters in Messiah, and those who are investigating the claims of Messiah among us. What a pleasure to return to KC again this soggy spring, and especially to Or Haolam, a true home away from home. Some of you will know my biography in measure, that I grew up in Prairie Village, attended Somerset Elementary and Meadowbrook Junior High, then graduated Shawnee Mission East in 1969. I grew up and still visit Kehilath Israel Synagogue, especially when I’m in town for the yahrzeits of my parents, brother and others. They are buried at Blue Ridge. So my roots sink deep and my affection for this town and the messianic expression of our faith only increases over the years.
If you didn’t receive a white card from Jews for Jesus, please receive them just now as the ush…

The Good, the Bad, and the Unleavened and Confusion

The article by Aaron Lewin is a great read. We published it a bit early, and as it is now April, we have to share it with you again. Don't miss it this time.

Click on this hyperlink to read the article on The Good, the Bad, and the Unleavened. Thank you.

Happy Passover to our Jewish mates, Happy Easter / Resurrection Day to our Christian followers. We are not sure how pastel painted eggs became the rage about a holiday that notes the death of its hero, but apparently someone thought it a good idea. Some things are just confusing. Is this an exit, or is it not?

What about these memes I found:
this one:

Confusion seems to be a regular feature in many lives. We often hear that, when we mention that we are Jewish people who believe in Jesus. WHAT? They want to know which side of the fence we really are on. They ask, "OK, fine, but do you attend church or shule?" As if being a Jew for Jesus is out of bounds for them. Therefore it has to be for us. But it isn't, is …