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Always on time

I remember my friend Steve and I prayed for God's direction. We believed we were supposed to start a new ministry there in Lawrence, Kansas, but as young men, and as young believers, we were not 100% sure. We asked the Lord in prayer for assurance, for confirmation, for a sort-of guarantee that we were hearing correctly. Our prayer was hopeful, but not powerful. Just a plea or two from children to their dad. I remember praying something like, "If this ministry (which would eventually become the Mustard Seed Church) is of you, please confirm this with a little bit of money."

We wanted to start a house (commune) ministry like the House of Agape in Kansas City. We wanted God to help us in our venture. It would be a place for young people, hippies, druggies, socially rejected folks, to find the Living God. That was our hope.

The next day Steve went to his mailbox and found a notification of a transfer of some funds from a relative to him. The amount of the transfer was n… Australia ....again

The national executive of the Health Services Union will consider taking up support for hurting people next month. But the executive might be going a bit too far. It's not the first time in Australia that an agency has extended care to the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza or in the West Bank as a specialised campaign. Back a few years ago the Council in Marrickville took on BDS in chambers, but then after reconsidering the issue and its serious implications backed down. Why did they back down? Why should the HSU do the same?

The Australia Jewish News today published an editorial which says it so well; I will quote it.

"Next time someone goes to the chemist to get vital medication for multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's they could be refused because both were developed by Israeli company Teva Pharmaceuticals." The AJN goes on to list bandaids, bay soap, ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI. And "if a person contracts AIDS or HIV they won't be able to access Israeli develo…