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Racism abundant...shocking!

The video and its story is splashing over the news and internet in Australia as much as the pope is filling US news outlets. And the video of a raging Israeli woman on a Sydney bus in Willoughby is shocking and embarrassing and horrible. The police arrested the woman of the video; the Chinese woman, Ms Lindsay Li will have a hard time believing that this woman is an anomaly. We can only hope.

Here's the Online story

NSW Police said the woman was arrested on Friday and taken to Merrylands police station with reports suggesting she was hurling abuse at yet another individual. The arrest comes after Lindsay Li, 29, filmed a prolonged verbal attack which started while she was waiting in Willoughby for the citybound 273 bus at lunchtime on Wednesday. Ms Li says the woman approached her and 'spat on her' before unleashing a prolonged verbal attack.

The woman, who referred to herself as a "Jew from Israel" then struck Ms Li with her shopping trolley and pushed in fr…

Shift of venue: Yom Kippur

This is a quick announcement to notify everyone of the shifting of venue for our Yom Kippur service. Only 100 metres from the Waverley hall where we usually meet, this time on Bronte Road, 213 Bronte Road at the building called "Legion Club" We are in the function room from 11 am to midday. It's a one-hour service. Don't come at 11:30. Don't come at 11:45. Come by 11 for the full benefit. Come to pray. Come to listen. Come to ponder the Almighty again. Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the modern Jewish calendar. It's a day to get right (atone) with God. It's a day to honour God. It's a day to believe and drink in the life-giving nature of God. Don't miss this one.

Muslims and Jesus

I was one of many speakers at the Sons of Abraham Conference on Sunday afternoon. The conference continues until Tuesday. I'm speaking again at 11:15 am on Tuesday morning.

After the Sunday sessions ended a group of us went out to Lakemba for a lovely Lebanese dinner. Here we were pictured. After a wonderful conversation about Israel and the Church and what God is doing on the planet, we said our farewells.

I bought some groceries at the local IGA and came out to my car. A Muslim man was there right near me and asked me if I needed help. His name: Abdul. His heart: clean and kind. We began chatting about Jesus and what Muslims believe. I knew some things, but when my new friend Adel Moussa joined the conversation, the amount of Arabic and the sound level increased abundantly. It was terrific. We are pictured on the outside of the four-people photo at the top.

At times up to 8 of us were in conversation, mostly cordial, and at times pretty loud. One young Muslim came up and a…

New year, new prime minister

The news media source, Haaretz published this report on Malcolm Turnbull, the newly-sworn-in 26th prime minister of Australia. Turnbull . They cite the Australian Jewish News report from a few years ago which indicated that Turnbull's “mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish.” He did grow up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, the hotbed of Jewish life in town, and went to prestigious schools before becoming a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. He is a self-made multi-millionaire, so some would say he has all the right stuff.

And how fitting that he became prime minister on Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish new year. We at Jews for Jesus add our best wishes to him as he tries to govern our great country and lead us through the troubles in Syria/Turkey/Hungary, in Bendigo with mosque building, on the footy pitch as September finals are the mainstay of the Back Page just now, and his own party experiences the new boon in his taking over. It's ne…

Reflections on Rosh Hashanah and Bessie Wolf

The whole story was printed here Reflections and is reprinted in its entirety from 1995.

The sun is a power ball radiating energy of hydrogen and helium and who knows what other elements. So awesome is its power that we depend on its light though it is 93 million miles from Earth. The sun's rays are so powerful that when they beat against the surface of the moon that orbits the Earth, the moon reflects the light and we can see that reflected light all the way back on Earth.
A few weeks ago I rose just before the sun and was walking in my neighborhood. A few blocks away stood the new grand hotel. Its concrete steel and glass stand as a monument that bespeaks comfort, ease and luxury, but that isn't what I saw. I saw an enormous bright red ball shining in the glass. I immediately turned and saw the brilliance of the sun. Then I turned back to see the sun's reflection upon the hotel. I did not see the glass; I did not see the building; I did not see the monument to the na…

Where are the refugees? An ugly cocktail

I'm shocked. This week this photo and the conversations at water coolers and in pubs have been circulating. What is the deal with Saudi Arabia? They have these purpose-built tents, and kitchens and community quarters and mosques for the annual Hajj pilgrimage for the 100s of thousands of pilgrims who travel through the city of Mina. This 'tent city' could easily house 100,000 refugees escaping ISIS and terrorism.

But the Saudi government is not taking any of the 100s of thousands of refugees from neighbouring Syria. Saudi has even offered to build 200 mosques in Germany for the traveling pilgrim/ refugees which might number 500,000 this year alone, but has not offered to take in even one refugee into Saudi Arabia. What's going on?

Read more here: Saudi reluctance

I'm not privy to the characters of the refugees. There are many in the blogosphere who are alleging that the escapees are actually part of a bigger plot of Muslims to infiltrate the West and dominate. …

Service of worship

Here is the PowerPoint of the service of worship at our Rosh Hashanah gathering this morning in Sydney. Here is the actual sermon: Sermon

New Year thoughts 5776

New Year thoughts
Given in Waverley
1 Tishri 5776
14 September 2015
Shana tovah to each of you today. I trust the calendar’s reminder of our holiday today will bring you what you long for in life, in purpose and in knowing the Almighty that much more. Asylum seekers from Syria, Jarryd Hayne, Shemitah and starting a new life…that’s what we are talking about today. You see, it’s both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Teruah, a day of blowing of shofars, a day to begin the holiest and most significant 10 days in the modern Jewish calendar. And the moderns aren’t too far from the spirit of the Bible in this case.

A bit of biblical history and perspective
You see, the Bible lists 7 times, really three seasons of dates, in which He has set up an appointment to meet with the Jewish people. Those are Passover with three dates then, Pentecost 7 weeks later, and finally this season, which moderns title the High Holidays, which culminate in the festival of Tabernacles or Sukkot. Those 7 appointments or app…

5776, but for you 5195

The new year is approaching. On 13 September, as the sun sets, Jewish people worldwide will begin the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. There are many styles and many family traditions which are maintained, and even some resist the establishment of same, as a tradition. How will we make it happen? What will we do? What will you do to honour/ celebrate/ notice the Jewish new year as it begins Sunday night? On this email from an ultra-Orthodox community in Safed Israel, they highlight three things to guarantee a good mark from the schoolmaster in heaven. The three are repentance, prayer and good works of charity. This triad was established in 90 CE by the Jewish leadership in Yavneh (Jamnia) at the Council there. 20 years before that historic gathering, the Jewish Temple was destroyed by the Romans under Titus. The leadership had to determine what we would do to secure forgiveness of sins which for a millennium had been assured in the Temple rites and ceremonies. So…