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Calm, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. A friend liked someone's instagram status today. It began "If you're secure in the one who holds you, you can sleep through the storms." Immediately I flashed on this photo which I took on Sunday morning in Brisbane up in Queensland. The little child was asleep in daddy's arms. The father was going up to the front of the church to receive communion. The babe was calm no matter what was going to happen.

I liked the moment. I took the photo. I hope you like it also.

And this idea of calm, no matter what, made me think today. What are the 'no matter what's' which come to you each day? Or today? My brother was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and he's bearing well to some. I read another story today in Issues magazine about a woman in the US who has fought off cancer's dominance for years. And she's serving as a nurse!…

Project Timothy is available

Interns and messianic congregations and missions alike are joining together in an ongoing program titled "Project Timothy." Each intern takes a year off and travels the world serving and staying with ministries and congregations, learning, being mentored and growing in his/her messianic faith.

Check out the website at Project Timothy or the Facebook page Project Timothy on Facebook and "like" the FB page and learn more on the website. There are photos and a brochure, applications, FAQs of course, and so much more.

The purpose is to grow new disciples for Yeshua.
The plan is to encourage 18-25 year old messianic youth to travel and learn and grow.
The place is everywhere!

Come, check it out.


“Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus” (Romans 15.5)
Every two years or so, I visit all the capital cities of Australia, travel to New Zealand, and teach and preach in Singapore. It’s a wide territory, but worth our visiting for evangelizing the Jewish people and for teaching in churches. On my first trip to Singapore in 2001, I spoke to a large gathering in the Anglican cathedral. After the meeting an older Chinese Christian woman approached me, touching my arm, and almost in tears, said, “I’ve prayed my whole life for the Jewish people. I’d never met one until tonight. And the first Jew I meet is a believer in Jesus. Thanks be to God!” I don’t know who was more surprised. And I don’t know who was more delighted. Here I was, the answer to her prayer, saved some 30 years previously, and in that one moment, God was affirming to her that He listens. I told of other Jews who had found Messiah.…

From generation to generation

a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. Who will lead us? What's going to happen in the messianic world in the next 20 years?

Pictured are Rabbi David Rosenberg and this woman farewelling at Messiah College in July this year. This year at Messiah Conference I was privileged to spend hours and hours speaking with rabbis and young alike about Project Timothy. And both of these two and so many others are ready to join with whoever else puts up their hands for this brand new messianic internship program.

And I'm willing to help coordinate this.

What's the point of Project Timothy? To build a new generation. And to watch what G-d does in building His people in the next era.

Here's what I mean. When I came to faith in Yeshua in 1971, what we did, in what was called the "Jesus movement" was so very different than anything else in church history. Oh, not different than other massive movements of the Lord over history. I don't mean to sound so pompous.

What I mean is that …

Tolls...will they drop them?

Tolls...when to drop them, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. Every three or six months all around Sydney, the government allows the roads and maritime authority to raise the rates and tolls for using the roads. They claim it's all about the rising costs of living. They say it's commensurate with other expenses. I say, it's time to stop the madness.

It's not only that I'm a user of the roads and the tolls. Down in Melbourne they have a prix fixe system, if I understand it right, but their websites are terribly confusing. Still they charge a maximum each day, for cars on all their roads. It's almost an incentive to use the toll roads.

Here in NSW, each time you use a toll road, you pay the toll. There is a discount if you don't use certain roads during peak hours, but no maximum will ever be reached.

I've spoken to transport minister Gladys Berejiklian, and I know she would like to adjust the situation here in NSW, and I hope that this will happen.

I guess tod…

Hotel 81: Honest reporting

Lobby_2013_003_Hotel81_ERN_0402, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. I stayed in a run-down, fairly ordinary hotel last week in Singapore. I won't stay there again. When Expedia, through whom I booked, asked me to rate and review, I thought it right to do so.

Three times I tried to follow their guidelines and each time received this note: "Oops! Looks like we need you to revise your hotel review before we can post it. "

Expedia would not let me post my hotel review which I submitted at their request 3 times. OK... I'll do it here:

"Hotel 81 Kovan I was surprised that prostitutes are allowed in the hotel and that room rates could be hourly. This is actually an encouragement for their activities. The room was very very small; the bathroom and toilet are so merged that neither is efficient. There was no room to put anything on a convenient flat surface and the closet was sideways, so everything which was hung had to be touched when reaching for anything else. The lift f…

Is there a devaluation of marriage? Maybe not...

Marriage works, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. This article from July in the Sydney Morning Herald makes some interesting points.

What do you think?

This article by Claire Lehmann ,a graduate student in forensic psychology who works as an advocate for nurses. She is a wife and soon-to-be mother.

There is a disconnect in our national discussion about marriage. On the one hand we have had a very strong movement for same-sex marriage rights but on the other hand, there exists a general silence on the value and function of marriage in society. If we are fighting for the right for all individuals to partake in an institution, is it not also critical that we discuss the inherent worth of that institution? Marriage in Australia is on the decline as it is elsewhere. Social inequality is also increasing - now approaching the highs of the 1920s, according to Labor MP Andrew Leigh's Battlers and Billionaires, published recently.

Paediatric epidemiologist Fiona Stanley says: ''If you wan…