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The God who Ever-Is

The God who Ever-Is
By Bob Mendelsohn
Given at Greenlane Christian Centre
Auckland, New Zealand
4 April 2013

As a missionary among the Jewish people for 34 years I’m keen to make sense of the Bible and sense of the messianic hope found in Y’shua for all people, both to the Jewish people and for all churches. So today as I lead us in some biblical consideration, I hope you will find meaning and relationship with the Almighty, who ever-is, and ever-was, and ever-will be. May the Eternal One give you revelation as we hear this message.

Let me ask you anytime during this talk to fill out that involvement card you received as you came in, and you can be involved with us down the proverbial road.

Reporting time sheets
Asking a pastor to fill out reports seems a funny thing for religious people. After all, taking what looks like something from school or the business sector and imposing it into a religious worldview seems odd. Ask your rabbi or pastor to account for his work tim…

A lonely road in the Dandenongs

Ferntree Gully/ Dandenong scene, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. Winding down the road from Melbourne's eastern suburbs through the Dandenongs on Saturday, we stopped in Sassafras for some lunch and old stuff shopping. It was great.

I was reminded as we wove our way through the forest of Ferntree Gully about my love for the Heidelberg school of artists from Australia. These folks were trained in Impressionism about the same time (late 19th century) and included men like Charles Conder, Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton. I have always found their paintings fresh, and frontier, with natural beauty and perhaps a single horsemen or a lonely bush scene. See HJ Johnstone's Backwater of the Murray or Condor's 'Holiday in Mentone' ( Mentone) both are in Adelaide Art Gallery.

But when I drove through this area of the country, I flashed on Eugene Von Guerard's painting of the same name: See it here: Ferntree Gully I did not take that photo.

But I did see the beauty that Von…