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Earthquakes...a great shaking!

I wrote this for Shvuot this year. It's still very very true in light of the Virginia and Peruvian earthquakes. Look up, your redemption draws near.

A great big shaking is going on

A sermon by Bob Mendelsohn
Given at AustralAsian Church
Adelaide SA
19 June 2011

Christchurch February 2011 and the will to live. Devastation. Earthquake. And tremors that continued and continue to this day Another hit last week in the same place. Six months after the larger but not fatal earthquake had hit the same place. This though was the most expensive natural disaster in our sense of history in New Zealand at 15 billion dollars. In total, 183 people were killed in the earthquake, making the earthquake the second-deadliest natural disaster recorded in New Zealand (after the 1931 Hawke's Bay earthquake), and fourth-deadliest disaster of any kind recorded in New Zealand.
Only weeks later, in April this year, Fukishima Japan. Earthquake and tsunami. And then weeks later, ano…

Getting it wrong... and fixing things

Wrong way, a photo by bobmendo on my Flickr site. It happens to me, and I wonder what you do when you experience it. You are supposed to be at the event at 7, but things don't work the way they are supposed to work. The alarm didn't go off; the battery on the car...dead. The kids or grandkids are more demanding than you wish and well, the margin you gave's gone.

The signs for 'wrong way' were visible to others, but you disregarded them. Alas.

She'll be right, mate, we say in Australia. Everything's going to be all right, so says Hollywood and most love songs of the 60s. But is that enough?

What do you do when you are convinced you are right, you go about it in the way you think is correct, only to be met with disappointment and rejection? Where is God on this one? What about your faith?

When you plan, decide, get a bunch of helpers and things don't work out... do you think God isn't listening?

Welcome to God's world, where He choos…

Bennett Arron: Jewelsh

This Jewish comedian is from Wales and performed at the Canon's Gate pub in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival. I went to hear him on his first night, the 18th. He'll continue until the 29th.

Part of his shtick is that he's both Jewish and Welsh. And he talked about the underlying effects of being each. I laughed out loud at times. The 10 year old blended Benromach helped me get in the mood. Fact: It's 10 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (43% ABV)

Back to Bennett. Early on in his monologue he mentioned "Jews for Jesus." Yup, out of nowhere he said something like, "One thing we know about Jews is...we don't believe in Jesus." That in light of his saying that we aren't exactly sure what we do believe as Jews. OK, same old, same old, and no offense taken by me.

He mentioned that Jews for Jesus tries to make converts to their point of view and that this is something Jews don't do. Again, a minor mistake historically as there are times …