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Purple Haze and Amy Winehouse

After recording on the evening of the 3rd October 1970, Janis Joplin and band member Ken Pearson had a couple of drinks at Barney's Beanery. Just after midnight, they drove back to the Landmark Hotel, at 7047 Franklin. Inside room 105, she shot up her last fix of heroin. She returned to the hotel lobby to get change for a five dollar bill, for cigarettes. She chatted casually with the hotel clerk, who later said she seemed perfectly natural (and he didn't know who she was). When she returned to her room, she collapsed beside the bed, almost breaking her nose. She was wedged against a bedside table, with a cigarette in her hand.

John Cook, one of her band members, became alarmed when she didn't show up for the recording session the next morning, and after unsuccessfully trying to reach her by telephone, he went to the hotel, broke down the door and found her dead. She was 27 years old.

How similar will the story be when it's all told of Amy Winehouse, who died today at…

Mendelsohns at the bris 2

Mendelsohns at the bris 2, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. I'm a twice-born child of Abraham. Those words begin the song "Abraham" by Stuart Dauermann. It's a classic. It's online in many places. Try this one:

And the song is about covenant, and God making covenant with us, in circumcision and in the circumcision of our hearts. So here we have our family, a covenant family to be sure, celebrating the day of my new (and first) grandson's circumcision. It's in Kansas City and took place in the messianic congregation building at Or Haolam on Metcalf.

We have so much to celebrate in life. It's right to pause and memorialize those things. The Bible is actually a memorializing of God's intersections with mankind, over and over. And his loyal love is exposed on every page.

I'm grateful being a twice-born child of Abraham. Thanks be to God for His choosing us and His keeping us. Fo…

What did Rupert know?

Today in Parliament, Rupert Murdoch will face the members and discuss his complicity or awareness of the scandal of the month. What did Rupert know? Also questioned will be his son James, and R Brooks, pictured.

The scandal has spread from Murdoch's media empire to the top ranks of the British police force and even into the prime minister's office.

The scandal, which began over the phone hacking of celebrities and a royal aide, sparked international outrage amid allegations that the voice mail of a 13-year-old girl who was abducted and murdered was hacked. Since then, the scandal has spread into charges of corruption, with the tabloid paying police for news tips, and further hacking cases involving the family of British soldiers killed in action.

Among the resignations: The commissioner of Scotland Yard and his second-in-command; Rebekah Brooks who is pictured above, who was editor of the News of the World at the time of the hacking and later became CEO of News International, …

Detained by Israel

The news this week included the detainment of two significant Australian women by the Israeli government. What's with that?
The pro-Palestinian activists, former Greens NSW MP Sylvia Hale and spokesperson for Jews against the Occupation – Sydney, Vivienne Porzsolt, were arrested upon arrival by immigration personnel. They were scheduled to be flown back to Athens after their detainment. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) confirmed that the pair has been visited by a consular officer who “advised they were being treated well by Israeli authorities”.

Hale and Porzsolt had reportedly planned to travel on a flotilla attempting to break the naval blockade in Gaza, but when Greek authorities stopped their ship from leaving Crete, they instead boarded a flight along with dozens of other activists on the “Welcome to Palestine” initiative. The two were said to be attempting “to draw attention to Israel’s policy of denying Palestinians the basic human right to re…

After and apparent age

After, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. The other photo below is the look of my tooth after an encounter with my tennis racquet last weekend. This is the photo after the dentist repaired me today. Fantastic work!
BEFORE Maybe if you need some dental work, you should see Dr Phillip Zoldan, whom I would count a friend and one who does great work. Maybe he'll give you a discount, if you mention me. Maybe not. BTW, he's in Edgecliff in Sydney's inner eastern suburbs.

Dr Z and I speak every time we meet about Y'shua. And today was no different. We spoke about the creationist movement for a moment. Of course we also talked about davening and the birth of my new grandson, but we'll get to that on another blog.

Creationism is the belief that what God said in the Bible is true, that He created the world in 6 days, and that it was about 6,000 years ago.

One of the 'proofs' of that theory is the notion of apparent age. By that I mean that when God made the world, He made…

Lady Gaga in Sydney... new citizen!

There she is, in all her splendor. The 'born this way' singer, more on fire than Madonna they say, strutting her stuff. Lady Gaga visiting Australia, and here being presented an honorary citizenship from the honorable, Lady Mayor Clover Moore. It's about advocacy, she said, for the rights of the gay and lesbians.

Wow, the world is a mess, with global financial crises, threatening Greece, Portugal, the EU, the USA with its deficit ceiling looming, but no dramas, we have Gaga. And she fights for equal rights for everyone.

Don't worry about the floatilla aimed at Israel from Greece or the smoky cloud above Chile, or the Japanese still climbing out of the earthquake, the tsunami and the holes in their lives these caused months ago. Phew, we have Gaga.

And how does she rate citizenship? OK, to be fair, she's playing a part, right? She doesn't really believe all this self-hype, does she?

The article in today's Sydney Morning Herald reported, "Yesterday (a…

Bolt and Picketing Max Brenner

Andrew Bolt has long said things that others only thought. He is a strong voice for decency and has considerable weight in the journalism world of Australia today. And yet, he stops short in his article last week, on the 6th of July (2011) in the Herald Sun.

His full piece is online, and at the end of this blog.

I appreciate Bolt in a lot of little ways and some seriously big ones. He's not Jewish, but always seems to have a sensible view of our people. And of the situation with Jews in Melbourne where he lives and around the globe. You don't often get that from journos.

That said, the picketing of the Max Brenner Chocolate shops in Melbourne and Sydney by anti-Jewish people, well, that's certainly their right. But what's it about? Max Brenner. Who is he, after all? The company, Max Brenner was founded in 1996 in Ra'anana, Israel, by Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner using a conjunction of their names. Max Fichtmann is no longer associated with the company. Since 2001…

Another testimony and replacements

The testimony of Henry John Marks

Hugh Stowell says, "The redemption of the Jews is the hinge on which revolve the destinies of the human race." Wow, that's a massive statement, and Marks quotes this as part of why he wants to share his own story with us.

The language is archaic, and proper and formal. And yet it speaks to us today, if we have ears to hear. The entire testimony is free as a Google Book, and if you are in the US you can add Google Books for free to your iPad. We cannot do so here in Australia, but the web site Marks book here allows us to read it on our computer.

165 pages. Originally published by Thomas Printer, Eastgate Street, Chester. (UK) Written in December 1837.

OK, it's old, but let's not forget, we didn't start this messianic movement, and we probably won't be the last in it. We stand on the shoulders of many, thousands of others, who went on before us, and who made the way easier for us. Who prayed for us, even as we pray for …

Street Conversation

StreetEvangelism, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. Actually this is several conversations, all going on at once. The man in the blue shirt of course, is sharing his opinions with the man in the Jews for Jesus t-shirt on the streets of Manhattan, New York City.

The man in the gray shirt is overhearing what the two are saying, and he's an active listener to the goings-on.

The man in the kippah walking past has been seeing/hearing it as well, and has to return to work. But he was 'involved' in the chat.

And everyone who notices the green t-shirt, is being invited to consider the message. Who is Jesus? That's the underlying theme of this July outreach in NYC. And if we had to choose one, it's the ever-underlying theme of everything that goes on in Jews for Jesus.

We meet up with enquirers to invite them to consider that theme. Who do you think Jesus is? We meet with believers to encourage them to continue in that consideration. We preach in churches and bring back to mind …

Under bridge, Brisbane

Under bridge, Brisbane, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. It's not what is seen that makes a bridge. Most of the folks who travel this bridge coming into or out of Brisbane Queensland are simply looking at the signs, determining their lane of choice, and hurrying to their destination.

But deep below and years before, before this mindless driver makes up his mind, engineers, politicians, shop keepers, and thousands of others make up their minds about the project of funding and placing a bridge here.

The impact is not momentary, although the vote might be. The effect is not temporary, although the discomfort might be. All done, the bridge accomplishes its intent. It allows drivers and pedestrians and cyclists to make their way easily and smoothly to their destination.

Those of you who read my blogs know that I'm keenly involved in the continuing explanation to Jewish people of the Messiahship of Jesus. And some describe what I do as bridging the gap between Jews and Christians. Tha…