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Hamas and Fatah... Peace agreement!

The New York Times reported today, “Fatah and Hamas, the rival Palestinian movements, announced an agreement in principle on Wednesday to end a years-long internal Palestinian schism.

"It is time for the Palestinian people to reject the corrupt and useless leaders who have used violence and strife to insure their positions. It is also time for Israel to reject the extreme factions of their government." Taher Al-Nounou, a spokesman for the Hamas government in Gaza, said the two sides had reached a preliminary agreement to form a transitional unity government for the Palestinian territories to be followed by new elections after a year.

While the deal, reached after secret Egyptian-brokered talks, promised a potentially historic reconciliation for the Palestinians, Israel warned that a formal agreement would spell the end of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Even before the press conference to make the announcement, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sent…

Attacks in Australia

Look out, the violence of the world hits our world in unlikely ways today.
First, the asylum seekers in Villawood detention centre are copping it, as the row of violence and destruction have now caused Immigration Minister Chris Bowen to announce that anyone who acts out in this way will be denied permanent protection visas. These rooftop sitters and tossers have caused quite a bit of stir the last week or so in Sydney.

Bowen said, "This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."
Yesterday two dingoes attacked a 3-year-old girl on Fraser Island in Queensland. Today they were put down. The girl was hospitalized with cuts to her legs, but will be fine, according to her father, David Kennedy, in today's interviews.

South African-born, Sydney lawyer Mark Treisman and his wife Haylene were holidaying with Mr Treisman's family when they went to Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster near Melbourne yesterday. According to the Herald Sun, "The couple, their thr…

Chinese church lock down

The New York Times reports (on Easter) the entire article at the bottom of this blog.

Seems Chinese authorities are involved in arresting and detaining up to 500 Christians who are attempting to meet together in non-government-approved meeting places. The report features Shouwang (meaning "Lighthouse") Church. Their pastor and dozens of others are not allowed to gather, especially on Easter, the most significant day of the Christian calendar.

Any person of good will, and those who believe in freedom, especially freedom of speech, worship and assembly, are upset at the hostility shown by the Chinese government. The government shut down the church website overnight.

Freedom of religion and belief are recognised as human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948 as ‘a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations’. Article 18 states:
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and reli…


Bill Alexson, a pioneer in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Chapel Program and former chaplain with the Boston Celtics, thought he had seen and experienced everything in basketball, until he went to Jerusalem with an all-Christian team of NBA stars. Ten past and present NBA basketball players belonging to the Christian athletic foundation Power Sports International recently made a week-long pilgrimage and solidarity visit to Israel, putting on clinics and exhibition games and meeting with dignitaries to express their support for the Jewish state.

Organized by Bill Alexson, the 23-member delegation was hosted by President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, where he was presented with an NBA shirt. The players were a big hit with youths from basketball leagues in the Jerusalem area as the NBAers dazzled them with trick passes and alley-oop dunks at a skills clinic. The team then played a friendly in the evening against Bnei HaSharon of the Israeli national league. Alexson said "…


911 memorial, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. Today is called "Good Friday" by many. It's the anniversary of the death of the founder of the messianic movement, Y'shua of Nazareth. According to the record, found in the Brit Chadasha, Y'shua had a Passover meal with his friends, colleagues and the future leaders of the movement. That was on a Thursday.

After a seriously flawed kangaroo court held during the night, contrary to all true Jewish justice, Y'shua was found guilty and delivered to the Roman government for sentencing. His sentence? Death by crucifixion.

That crucifixion took place on the Friday of what would later be labeled "Holy Week." They buried him in a new sepulcher owned by a certain Joseph from Arimethea. Then the Sabbath came.

On Sunday, the third day, Y'shua rose from the dead. He was seen by dozens, even hundreds of Jewish people over the next 6 weeks. A week before Sh'vuot, he ascended into heaven before them all.

Ever s…

If Moses had Facebook

Click on this link and then 'play' the video. It's fantastic.Google Exodus
One of the funny things about jokes in the modern world is the capacity for anachronism with the internet. Here some Orthodox Jewish people have mixed in the social media of Facebook, and You Tube and other media and re-told the story of the Exodus. I like that.

Y'shua did this frequently. He told stories and made the people who listened understand old stories anew.

I like to do that. I hope you enjoy this one and that your celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people is rich and real.

Chag s'meach!

Shameless and Primping

Adelaide’s Channel 9 news reader Kate Collins has made the news having been captured on video in what the Adelaide News calls, “a hilarious unguarded moment.”

Collins, who has been with Channel 9 in Adelaide (Australia) since 2006, was caught preening herself and fixing her hair. The footage has made its way on to AOL daily news, to YouTube and is expected to go viral. But to call it ‘hilarious’ is not on. It’s shameless. She simply is adjusting her hair.

Like Collins is the only person on TV who wants to look good and pays attention to her hair between segments. Please.

Let’s list some others who did it very publically:
1) The Fonz. “Get a black comb. The Fonz always made sure he looked good, especially when he came across his reflection. Pull the comb out from your side pocket when you come across a mirror and check your hair.”

Read more: How to Dress Like the Fonz”
2) Edd Byrnes. From his fan page on Fa…

Israelis and Messianic Jews

This article is worth a read all by itself.

Israeli media stands up for Messianic Jews

Average Israelis may be indifferent at best toward their Jesus-following Jewish brethren, but their distaste for the domineering attitude and behavior of many in the Orthodox Jewish community has resulted in a new phenomenon of average “secular” Israelis coming to the defense of Messianic Jews.

Nowhere has this been more pronounced than in the Israeli media, which over the past several years has on numerous occasion portrayed Messianic Israelis in a positive light.

The latest occurrence of this was on Wednesday evening, when Israel Channel One’s “Second Look” program compared local Messianic Jews to the anti-missionary group Yad L’Achim, which has dedicated itself to harassing and driving out believers in Yeshua (Jesus)... read the whole article (see

I think the historic Jewish community needs to rethink its strategies against …

Caroline Glick, Israel, and Jews for Jesus

In the midst of a decent article about American Jews and their views on Anti-Israel Jewry, for some unknown reason, Glick goes into a diatribe, or at least a forthright knock against Jewish believers in Jesus. It seemed to be from left field.

Her article published in the Jerusalem Post on 1 April 2011 begins with "Over the past year or so, American Jewish opponents of Israel like writer and activist Peter Beinart have sought to intimidate and demoralize Israelis by telling us that American Jews either no longer support us or will stop supporting us if we don't give in to all the Arabs' demands. But statistical evidence exposes these threats as utter lies."

OK, fair enough, I get the idea, she wants the anti-Israel sentiment to stop. I get it.

She continues, "In fact, American Jews under 30 are more hawkish about the Palestinian conflict with Israel than Jews between the ages of 31-40 are.According to the Brandeis survey, 51 percent of American Jews oppose a fut…

Flowers of the Son

By Rachel Friedlander

Israel is home to some seven and a half million people. But to billions others, it is a stray and distant thought—the very mention of which often evokes images of terrorism, religious conflict, and concrete rubble. But from amid the sounds of conflict, one group of missionaries hears the cry for peace and salvation.

Flowers of the Son documents the experiences of the volunteers participating in “Behold Your God,” a four week evangelistic outreach that spans twelve geographic regions of Israel. Through pamphlets, banners, skits, musical performances, phone calls, and door-to-door visits, these missionaries engage both young and old, religious and irreligious in conversation about the Messiah, Y'shua.

Directed, written, and produced by Emmy award-winners Herb and Amy Kossover, Flowers of the Son packs quite the punch in a short, 30 minute time slot. Despite its slightly cloying, Hallmark card introduction, this half hour is not filled with typical evangelistic …