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Take time

Chris and Ywan Atkins are often seen together when the Sydney Veterans Golf Association (a gentelmen's association) welcomes their wives to medley days. This shot from this week at Richmond Golf Course, is one of my favourite couples. Chris and Ywan ride in the cart. Ywan takes photos. She drives Chris around since he has some serious hip and leg trouble. But he's a good golfer. And she's a terrific companion.

I like that they go together. The club has made an exception for them to go together. Everyone on the course is supposed to carry their own clubs. They are usually not allowed on the course if they are not playing. But I really appreciate the club's ruling that Ywan can go with her man.

Marriage is a function of the wedding in which we spend a lot of time, energy, resources and effort, to be sure. Without the wedding there is not marriage. Check.
But marriage is a function of much more than that. It's time together. It's life together. It's experiences t…

Homosexuality... the worst sin?

Bible class
28 October 2010

‘Go and sin no more’

The media is filled with tragic reports of late about gay bashing and gay bullying in the rash of teenage suicides linked with homosexuality.

I read a blog the other day which said just what I would say, only it said it much better. So I will quote from it. Then we will review some biblical texts and see a bit more on the subject.

All the while, homosexuality is not the only sexual sin I will address tonight. The Bible says that any sexual activity outside of marriage is not right. But let’s start with homosexuality and see how much time we can commit to further discussion.

“Some homosexual activist groups lay blame [for the gay bullying] at the feet of conservative Christians who teach that homosexual conduct is wrong, as well as pro-family groups (such as Focus on the Family) which oppose elements of the homosexual political agenda, such as same-sex "marriage."

The Christians and pro-family leaders I know are unanimous in believin…

Selflessness and sportsmanship

I'm watching Game 6 of the American League baseball series. New York Yankees vs Texas Rangers. And I'm outraged. And pondering the idea of right and wrong. See if you agree.

After Alex Rodriguez got the first hit for the Yankees tonight, a double to center field, Ranger Colby Lewis threw a ball that hit Yankee Nick Swisher on the bounce and Swisher should have gone to first base with Rodriguez staying on third.

Instead, the home plate umpire ruled it a wild pitch and Rodriguez came home to tie the score. But it was a mistake by the umpires. Any umpire on the field who saw what happened could have overruled the call, but no one did. Shame.

I'm flashing back to May, 2005. Rome, Italy. The Rome Masters tennis match.

One set down and serving at 3-5 and 0-40 in the second, Spaniard Fernando Verdasco seemed on the brink of defeat against American Andy Roddick - even more so when his second serve was called out and the umpire started to announce the American as the winner.

Roddick, ho…

Something about dying

Something about dying
Originally uploaded by bobmendo Who doesn't like this season of the year? Vivaldi did. ee cummings did. God did. And it's beautiful up in the northern hemisphere. I'm visiting this week and then Monday return to springtime in Sydney.

But I've been struck again by the glorious colors of autumn.
A bit of a science lesson makes sense about now.

This from a "why does this happen?" type website. Written for young students.
"Leaves are nature's food factories. Plants take water from the ground through their roots. They take carbon dioxide from the air. Plants use sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Oxygen is the gas that we breathe. Glucose is a kind of sugar. Plants use glucose as food for energy and as a building block for growing. The way plants turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar is called photosynthesis. That word means "putting together with light." A chemical called chlorophyl…

Torah processional

Torah processional
Originally uploaded by bobmendo I love this shot I took yesterday at the Bat Mitzvah of young Ketzia Barron from Toronto, Canada. She and her family make the annual trek to Pennsylvania for the Jews for Jesus East Coast Ingathering. And this year, Ketzia celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. It was significant and she did a wonderful job. Her singing, her chanting, her speech... all excellent. And her parents are very proud. And rightfully.

But what I like about this photo is that no one of her family or her friends or her community is with her. She is alone. OK, so Rabbi Irving Salzman is carrying the Torah. But what is significant is that Ketzia is the only one following Torah. That statement is one which I hope stays with her all the days of her life.

Even if (God forbid) all her friends walk away; even if her parents leave the faith; even if no one else is helping her walk the way of God-- she can walk alone with Him. And she must!

Most of the time this doesn't happen. Mo…

Roosters and Dragons

Roosters and Dragons
Originally uploaded by bobmendo Press Release

New wave of peace in footy fans

Within 100 meters of the Easts Leagues Club, the home of the Sydney Roosters, a banner is attracting major attention. Draping arm in arm, in apparent affection, a cartoon of a rooster and a dragon is displayed in a bookstore in Bondi Junction. The sign, with text, “Even with enemies… our peace is in Y’shua” fills the large plate-glass window of the Jews for Jesus Books & Gifts shop at 576 Oxford Street.

Councillor Sally Betts, mayor of Waverley, spawned the idea. She sent out a message to local businesses this week, encouraging local shops to display a ‘Go the Roosters’ type of signage.

Betts wrote, “Join me in wishing the Roosters every success on the day and together we will make the most of this amazing grand final.”

Bob Mendelsohn, national director of Jews for Jesus, is a member of Easts as well as Norths. He says that Jews for Jesus wanted to make a display which characterized the …