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Shawn the Baptist

Below this comment you can read the entire article, or jump to it here:

But for now, let's just say that "Freedom of Speech" got hit with a massive blow in Glasgow, Scotland last month. Seems an American Baptist, Shawn Holes, who is pictured with the Bible in hand, was answering questions at a public forum and said, matter-of-factly that homosexuals are going to hell. He also said that Mohammed was a sinner "just like the rest of us."

Under the Criminal Justice Act, he was arrested and given a 1000 pound penalty (Aussie $1660). Wow, a massive penalty for conversational question and answers. He was charged with "uttering homophobic remarks" in a breach of the peace that prosecutors said was "aggravated by religious prejudice."

I'm all for police and the courts keeping the peace. I'm all for people not being allowe…

Sermons online

iTunes is an easy way to Podcast and we have begun doing so..

Studies in the Book of Acts:
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We plan to be putting up more and more over the weeks, so please keep searching iTunes or write back on Blogger here for more information.

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Here comes the judge

According to the New York Times today, "Richard Goldstone, one of South Africa's most eminent jurists and head of a United Nations investigation that said it found evidence of war crimes during Israel’s invasion of Gaza. Many of his countrymen not only took issue with the findings, they called the judge a traitor who had sold out his Jewish brethren.

"Next month, Judge Goldstone’s grandson is to celebrate his bar mitzvah at Beth Hamedrash Hagadol, an Orthodox synagogue in Sandton, a Johannesburg suburb. Ordinarily, this would be nothing but a joyous event, signifying the boy’s ascent into manhood. But Jewish leaders here recently began to speak darkly among themselves of threatened disruptions to the ceremony. Their concerns were taken to the synagogue, and the anxieties of its leadership were then shared with the family.

"In an e-mail message on Friday, Judge Goldstone, who is a visiting professor at Georgetown University Law Center, said, ‘Because of the threat of p…

iTunes sermons and classes

Shalom friends, a new link.

Click on iTunes Sermons

We are putting up new and old, sermons and Bible classes for those who use iTunes as an application and want to download podcasts in that way. Hope you enjoy them. Shalom.

Bob's story: How did an Orthodox Jew become a follower of Jesus?

Bob Mendelsohn: My story

I don’t think I had ever been so nervous. My mouth was terribly dry, yet the palms of my hands were puddled with sweat. I had studied intensely for a whole year to prepare me for these next few hours. Would I stumble over the Hebrew I had studied so carefully? Would I remember my speech, the only part of my bar mitzvah I was to present in English?

I was about to become a “son of the commandment” through the ceremony that initiates a 13-year-old boy into the religious life of the Jewish community! I would be responsible to obey the Torah and all its accompanying codes of oral tradition. Quite a heavy responsibility for one who, in many ways, was still a child.

The rabbi called me forward to lead the shacharit, the morning service. I faced a frightening sea of faces. I imagined each person with a clipboard, waiting to evaluate my performance and turn in a score to some panel of judges. Not that there were any such clipboards or judges, but I was greatly concern…

Morocco ....expelling Christians

Look at the news today.

Moroccan authorities have deported more than 70 Christian aid workers in a nationwide crackdown including the expulsion of those caring for 33 Moroccan orphans. The Moroccan government is believed to be planing to deport more foreign citizens for alleged “proselytizing.” At the Village of Hope orphanage the government expelled 16 staff workers, 10 foster parents and 13 natural-born dependents from the country, within 24 hours of arriving to undertake an investigation of the orphanage.

New Zealand native Chris Broadbent, who works at Village of Hope, said that the separation of the foster families and the children was traumatic. As much as they hoped to be re-united, he said, that did not seem likely. Broadbent emphasized that government accusations that they had been proselytizing were unfounded..He said. “Right from the start they knew that we were an organization founded by Christians and run by a mixture of Christians and Mus…

Three Wooden Crosses

Continuing my new pattern of covering a favorite song, I’m thinking today, on Friday of Passover, Good Friday, about three wooden crosses. This is the title of the song by Randy Travis. I find the words personal, and deeply meaningful.

The text follows:

It’s the story of four folks (a farmer and a teacher, a hooker and a preacher) travelling in a bus to Mexico, when suddenly there is a crash and blood and pain is everywhere. The chorus tells us,
“There are three wooden crosses on the right side of the highway,
Why there’s not four of them, heaven only knows.
‘Cause it’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you,
It’s what you leave behind you when you go.”

So everyone crashes out and four are dying. But the preacher lays that ‘blood-stained Bible in the hooker’s hand’

It’s a good twist/turn of a tale. And makes me think about what I’m leaving in the hands and the hearts of others. Will I give Bibles? Will I leave faith in the hearts of my followers? Will anyone listen to what…

Jesus, Take the wheel

Songwriter Brett James talks about Carrie Underwood's seven-week No. 1 song, 'Jesus, Take the Wheel,' which he co-wrote with Gordie Sampson and Hillary Lindsey.

That day started out to be a typical "day at the office." We wrote it at Hillary's house. We were trying to think of ideas, and Gordie walked in and said, "I have this title, and I don't know what to do with it: 'When Jesus Takes the Wheel.'" Hillary and I both laughed. I thought it was kind of silly, to be honest with you. I thought, "What in the world does that mean?" We kind of talked about it a while, then went around with five or six other song titles to write something else. We couldn't think of anything else and went back to Gordie's idea. Sure enough, we started writing it about the girl driving on Christmas Eve with a baby in the backseat of her car. It evolved into 'Jesus, Take the Wheel' soon after that. My wife had a similar experience to the …