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Passover, Season of our Redemption

On the 29th March, we will celebrate Pesach. Melodies such as "Chad gadya, chad gadya" and the smells of bubbe's matzo ball soup remind us that once again the calendar pages arrive at the 14th of Nisan: a time to remember our deliverance—a time to recall our rescue from Pharaoh and Egyptian slavery. Pesach is a happy family time when we can enjoy one another, feast on delicious home cooking and then remember what God has done for our people. Most Jewish people know and love Pesach more than any other Jewish holiday; yet if being Jewish is ever to have more meaning to us than gastronomic preferences and a lunar calendar, we must take all of our holidays more seriously and learn about them from Scripture.

The First of Months: Calendar Confusion

Many of our people rarely if ever consider that Passover was also designated by the Creator as New Year's time.

The Bible tells us that Nisan, the Passover month, is to be first. Yet Rosh Hashanah, which is celebrated in Tishri, is…

Do It Now

Gilgus Do It Now
Originally uploaded by bobmendo "Do it now." What a motto! In only three words, and Nike changed the 3, but kept the sentiment, an admonition to live life today. Maybe a modern "carpe diem" or even a longer antecedent is found in Psalm 90. The text is at the bottom of this blog.

Moses, who didn't write any other psalm that we know of, wrote Psalm 90 and may have been burying someone at the time. In light of the tentative and terminal nature of humanity, Moses asked God to 'teach us to number our days, that we may present to you a heart of wisdom.' Seeing the end of days was a motivator to Moses to learn how to spend our current days.

Maybe it's morbid; maybe it's artistic, but I like to visit cemeteries. You can find many of my visits in my Flickr set called "Cemeteries and Synagogues and Churches"

And last weekend in Kansas City, I visited the cemetery where m…

Crossing Over...there's more.

Originally uploaded by bobmendo Every few months I get to take a trip, to one city or another country. This requires anticipation, preparation, motivation and any number of other long nouns. The idea is to finish my work in Sydney well enough so that I can leave it without regret, with mind forward looking to the next place. Check. That's the idea. It doesn't always work out that way.

Apprehension (oh, another long noun) often comes to play in my head. What if more things come into my 'in' tray before I leave? What if the plans I set up don't eventuate or the people and resources I put into the solution don't pan out? What if ...what if.... what if....

That's not going to help, will it? I build situations and set up action plans to solve them. Then contingencies to solve the odd 'what ifs'...ok, check, that's done.

Now I turn my attention to travel plans and then the reason for the travel as well. I mean (chicken notwithstanding), who…