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Originally uploaded by bobmendo I flew from the US last week and went through Los Angeles Airport (LAX). What a view I saw as I scurried from one concourse to another. I had to stop. And maybe that's what is required in life, too.

So much news about trillion dollar bailouts. So much news about gay rights. About wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. About North Korea and its missiles. It can be overwhelming. Global warming, global crises.. how do we solve them? Can we even be a part of solving them?

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was in the Final Five for Miss USA. She was so close. Then Perez Hilton, a celebrity blogger, and himself a gay man and activist, asked her about gay rights and gay marriages. She answered saying that she believed in marriage between a man and a woman.

Hilton replied later on "The Early Show" on CBS in the USA, "When I first heard her answer, I was shocked, because I thought having been from California, a state that recently passed Proposi…