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Sermons online (Text)

If you want to read some of my sermons online in text form, go to the list of them, Bob sermons

Here's one on the Five Mountains that might inspire you today.

Five Mountains
By Bob Mendelsohn
Given at Beth Messiah
2 February, 2002
Revised for form only 29 October 2006

Today I want to talk to you about 5 mountains. Perhaps you've been to Mt Kosziusko near Jindabyne. Or to Mt Hutt or the scenes of the Winter Olympics are already captivating you, are they? The Rocky Mountains in the US are awesome to behold and vast. Of late we've been studying the Bible, specifically the Gospel of Matthew, and some of our most exciting conversations have centered on the return of Messiah to earth, the Parousia, when Y'shua puts His foot down on the Mount of Olives very soon. One thing that may help us, is to take a short break from Matthew and look at the Olivet discourse from the top of some other hills, getting a higher view if you will of history. Can we do that today?

Each mountain g…

Shame in the neighbourhood

Orthodox block bar mitzvah over non-kosher circumcision (Shame in the Neighbourhood)

An article immediately follows from today's Jewish newspaper here in Australia. My comments follow.

by Dan Goldberg
A traumatic row over a bar mitzvah boy's circumcision forced a Sydney mother to move her son's simcha from an Orthodox shul to a Progressive temple at the 11th hour last week.

The bar mitzvah boy had been scheduled to read from the Torah at Chabad Double Bay last Shabbat, but rabbis from the Sydney Beth Din (SBD) ruled on the previous Monday that his circumcision was not kosher. Rabbi Moshe Gutnick and Rabbi Yoram Ulman, two judges at the Jewish court, were at the mikvah in Bondi preparing to draw a drop of blood from the boy to symbolise his Orthodox conversion when they noticed that his brit milah, conducted by a Jewish doctor in 1993, was incomplete.

"We immediately called one of the mohelim to check, and he confirmed a further circumcision needed to be done," Rabbi G…


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Most people in the West have a desire to live peacably and quietly. Most want to get along with their neighbours. Most want to go to the shops, or the movies or the schools without fear of reprisals. Fair enough. And they want government to build good roads and schools and maintain the air in healthy quality.

But when you really get down to it, the number one concern is the economy, and at that, really it's not Gross national products or stock exchanges that much matter, since most folks cannot figure those out anyway.

What really is the bottom line? My wallet. That's what people say. They want enough in their wallet to get through this week, or this month, or some...this day! And if they have enough, the chicken in every pot, then they are happy. And they will re-elect government officials. It's that simple. Always has been. Always will be.

But what's the number one agenda item on your list? Peace with neighbours? Peace in th…

Argentina again

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Witnessing one on one, whether here in Buenos Aires or in Sydney where I usually live is always hard and always worthwhile. Do you know Jewish people to whom you have born a witness and you'd like us to continue? Just email us.

Bob is going again to Buenos Aires in November 2006. Please pray for me to be successful.

Israel update October

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Nearly 5,000 Evangelical Christian supporters of Israel from around the world have decended on Jerusalem for the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebrations. It is estimated that one in every three tourists to Israel is an Evangelical Christian.

The 27th annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, which is sponsored by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, is expected to pump $15 million into the economy, in what has been billed as the single largest tourism event of the year.

Israeli Tourism Minister Isaac Herzog said. "The Evangelical Christian community is a major pillar of the tourism industry in Israel, and they are true friends of Israel wherever they are. As radical extremist forces in the region call for the annihilation and eradication of the Jewish state, we should join forces with anyone that supports Israel," Herzog said.
Source: Jerusalem Post

What Israeli wouldn't welcome the financial 'good news' that C…


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On the streets in Sydney or San Francisco or in this case, in Buenos Aires... we strive to make the Good News of Y'shua clear for people. Not everyone understands it; some want to take the mickey out of us. But for others, it's a case of investigation.

I'm so proud of the people who come to our Bible study in Sydney (Thursdays @ 6 pm) and who are genuinely dealing with the claims of Y'shua. Is he the Messiah? What does that imply?

Good questions. Keep working on this. It's worth the answers.

Is peace possible (School shootings, hijacking)

With shootings in the schools in the US, and terrorists hijacking planes in Turkey, with the Iraq war ongoing and continued trouble between Fatah and Hamas in Palestine....will there really be peace, ever in the planet?

They say the last time there was 'no war' was in 1837.

That's almost 200 years ago, and I wonder if there was simply a lack of reporting of hostilities that year.

But when will peace come? When will people really be safe in their schools or homes or airplanes?

I believe it's when the Messiah, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, returns to the earth. Prince means governor, leader, commander, boss. He's the one in charge of true peace and all other treaties of peace and good wishes are all well and good, but fall short.

Only when Jesus returns will there be true peace on the earth. Won't that be an awesome day?