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Rescue the Beaconsfield Miners

By Bob Mendelsohn

All Australia ached and prayed and longed for the release of Tassie miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb during the last fortnight. It all began on Anzac Day as we ate and drank and were unaware of those boys in Beaconsfield.

There in the gold mine, one kilometre underground, the kennel-sized cage used only for transport, became the temporary cage/shelter for the thirty-something pair.

Finally on the morning of 9 May, amidst hundreds of onlookers and awakening the nation which prayed, the two punched the air and raised their heads in glee, hugging family and friends who worked tirelessly to get them out.

No cost was left unspent. Tens of thousands of dollars were spent to fly four explosive experts interstate. Knocking through the ultimate barrier, to within 300 millimetres of the floor of the captives, the explosive experts did what they were asked, to rescue our boys.

The bell at Beaconsfield's Uniting Church pealed in celebration just after 5am. It was the fi…

lessons from a credit card

Four of the nation’s banks announced in early April a $2 fee for making mistakes. By simply cancelling transactions on the ATM the user or rather misuser is going to be shocked at the end of the month. The banks will simply levy a $2 fee to each cancelled transaction. But wait, there’s more. The person who enters his PIN (personal identification number) incorrectly will also receive the $2 levy.

What are those banks thinking now? Can they possibly milk the customers any more of their hard-earned cash? And who will actually be the ones to cancel transactions or mis-enter their PINs? Usually it’s someone who is not used to the system or someone who might not see as well, even someone who is elderly. Remember the uproar of the senior citizens at the closing of so many countrywide banks? Many of these customers are not used to such impersonal service and now they will be receiving these $2 charges, no doubt many of them at the end of each month.

So what’s a person to do? Shoul…