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Book of Judas

I'm currently reading the information on the National Geographic website and the codex on the Gospel of Judas. It's certainly fascinating, and I haven't seen this much positioning since the movie, "The Passion of the Christ" came out a couple years ago. People already have their minds made up before they read or hear anything. I'm amazed.

Well, I'm a reader and so I want to know what all the hubub is about. In a couple days I'll have most of my thoughts worked out, but for now, let's all be humble, let's be glad about new information, albeit from a gnostic source in the 3rd of 4th century, but still ancient information. And let's see what the relevance is for us, in due course.

I'm reading more on the New York Times website also and should have my 'head wrapped around this' in a couple days.

At least I hope so. And at least the world is stopping for a moment and considering the issues of the First Century, the issues surrounding …

What is Easter anyway?

This song may help put the whole thing in perspective. It's an American Country Western Messianic Jewish Gospel song..."He is not here".

Click here for the song.


Dear anonymous

Mate, I'm not sure what you mean by cheap and easy. I think it's the most significant book out there, and the Bible has stood the test of time and lots of other folks trying to knock it back. Yes, I use the Bible to demonstrate internal and external consistency. I don't need to justify the book; it helps justify me!



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Did they say that?

Did they really say that? (Australian Museum, Sales of units, Rorting Child Care) and more..

The National Museum of Australia opened five years ago. John Howard opened it. Some rumours floated in those days that there were secret messages, subversive messages, embeeded in the building. Now it's clear that there were. And they are revealed. Conceived by architect Howard Raggatt as "one in the eye for John Howard" - as one critic put it - and the taxpayers who footed the $155 million bill for its construction, the chaotic structure on the shores of Canberra's Acton Peninsula featured giant braille symbols pressed into the anodised aluminium cladding. "Forgive us our genocide" was one of the messages intended as a reproach to John Howard's Government for refusing to apologise for the mistreatment of Aborigines by previous generations."Sorry" was written in braille several times as well as "Resurrection city", a reference to a 1968 civil ri…