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Sabbath buttons

The Jewish community in Sydney is trying to catch up with Melbourne and at issue is the pushing of buttons.

I'm all in favor of keeping the Sabbath. After all according to Ex. 31.14 ‘Therefore you are to observe the sabbath, for it is holy to you. Everyone who profanes it shall surely be put to death; for whoever does any work on it, that person shall be cut off from among his people.

That sounds pretty intense and fairly demanding. So what's the deal with the buttons? Seems a couple of Jewish council members of Woollahra and Waverley have asked the RTA to help out and the RTA is willing. But at issue is ... is it legal according to halacha (Jewish precedential law) to have people walk into a signal/photo tripper that causes a stop light to change to 'walk' from 'don't walk?'

Wow, what a long way the rabbis are from Moses.

Of course, the Bible in Ex. 35.3 says, “You shall not kindle a fire in any of your dwellings on the sabbath day.”

That's the worrisome…

AntiSemitism in France and Australia and beyond...

Anti-Jewish attacks in Australia reach record high.

First a report from ECAJ then my comments then back to the report...

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry at its annual meeting in Melbourne this week received a comprehensive briefing on all aspects of antisemitism in Australia by Jeremy Jones, a former President of the Council who has provided detailed annual analyses to the Council since 1989.

More from Mr Jones later, but first let me give you my perspective on anti-Semitism just now, especially in France.

I apologize for the length of this commentary. Often they are quite short, but not this one.

We live in Australia, where our major clashes coming on football ovals and cricket pitches. We don’t know about terrorism inside our shores. We live in general peace and security. And that comfort is a boon to economy and to house re-sales and to our share market.

Sometimes Muslim clerics get in trouble denouncing the White House or women who look like uncovered meat, but religious diver…

Sacred Space and Immanuel

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Sacred Space: Shrines and SBS
Is God dwelling with us a good thing?

For publication
A Christmas message
By Bob Mendelsohn
National Director, Jews for Jesus

Earlier this year men and women, and even boys and girls stayed up into the night here in Australia for nearly thirty days. We were not being bombed like happened in WWII in London. We were not experiencing terror alerts as might be common in Iraq in these days. We simply wanted to know and to know firsthand and live, what the scores of games being played in Germany at that hour were. We didn’t want to wake up in the morning to the scores. We sat in pubs and tuned our home tellies to the SBS to watch and cheer, and drink and slap high fives to mates we’re not ever likely to see again. What a month for the World Cup of soccer!

We also had m…


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Parties are one thing, but celebrating 30 years of marriage is quite another. We were in our 20s when we wed in Kansas City in 1977, and now we are on the verge of remembering 30 years (on 1 January). My wife is a noble and wonderful woman, full of grace and love. And I'm not interested in only a party, but in thanking God for his power to keep us and to keep His name on our lips.

So really I'm honoring God on this 30th Anniversary for He is worthy of our praise.

Jackie Mason...a Jew for Jesus?

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency today:
Jews for Jesus apologized to Jewish comedian Jackie Mason in order to settle a lawsuit.

The group had distributed a pamphlet over the summer that featured a caricature of Mason and the words: “Jackie Mason ... A Jew for Jesus!?”

Mason, who is not a Jew for Jesus, sued for $2 million.

In federal court Tuesday, Mason accepted an apology instead, along with a promise from Jews for Jesus not to distribute the pamphlet again.

Afterward, Mason told reporters outside the courthouse that the apology acknowledged that “You can’t be a table and a chair. You’re either a Jew or a gentile.”

David Brickner, Jews for Jesus’ executive director, responded, “We wanted you to think about it because” Jesus is “the best Jew that ever lived.”

Mason shot back, “Jesus didn’t believe in Judaism; that’s the reason he became a Christian.”

OK. Mr Mason, I get it, you don't really have a clue about who Jesus was and that he rose from the dead, not to found a new religion, but…

At Casa Rosada.jpg

At Casa Rosada.jpg
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What is it about this fantastic tango-dancing, Boca-cheering, Euro-loving Paris of the South? I really enjoy the people and the energy. It's often called the City that Never Sleeps, although I've heard that before in New York City.

Before the "White House" of the Argentine republic, I felt God wanting to pour out his power on this country and he will do so. Nothing will stop his desires. And we are hoping to find more and more Jewish people who are keen to find out more about God's love in Y'shua as well.

When I return to Australia in a few days... may the Lord keep Argentina on my mind and in all of our prayers.


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Long distance travel can be wearying, but with inspirational moments like this, even bad days can be made well. God knows how to encourage you and me, and will give us just what we need at the right time.

What drags you down? Maybe it's time to spend less time with that, if you have a choice. What inspires you? Remember to go there once in a while. Is it the ocean or the plains? The sunset or sunrise? A friend? The Bible?

Don't delay. If you have choice, use your choices well.


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I left Friday for Argentina, but only got as far as the airport. Sadly the aircraft had troubles and we were delayed and finally cancelled. So I spent the night in Sydney and even enjoyed time with my wife again before I headed off to New Zealand to begin the long flights.

Please pray for Bob (that's me) as I carry on the next 8 days in sharing the good news of Y'shua when the clock is morning or evening or...anytime. OK? Thanks.

Jews for Jesus on Flickr

allBYGfor web.jpg
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We are not sure what will happen with yet another group to monitor, but there is a Flickr site for Jews for Jesus Australia, and now there is a Group on Flickr for your photo and discussion enjoyment.

Come have a look and even join if you would like...


Melbourne Cup

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The Race that stops a nation

Today in Melbourne is the Cup, the Melbourne Cup, the Race that Stops the nation. Three-year-old Efficient is out of the race, after winning the Derby on Saturday, and would have been the first horse since 1941 to win the double. Alas.

Other horses are cueing up to win today's race. And tipping is rampant and so is hat purchasing. The ladies dress to the nines and the folks at Flemington have more excuses to drink and gamble than usual.

I won't be watching the race; I'll be working at my office. Horses running in an oval, well, although it's exciting to be there, and probably would be exciting to win money from other gamblers if your horse wins, but I've got better things to do. Like praying and reading my Bible and writing friends about the love of God.

You see, 2000 years ago a man died. It didn't stop any nation. Most barely noticed. He had been a fairly charismatic preacher …

Sermons online (Text)

If you want to read some of my sermons online in text form, go to the list of them, Bob sermons

Here's one on the Five Mountains that might inspire you today.

Five Mountains
By Bob Mendelsohn
Given at Beth Messiah
2 February, 2002
Revised for form only 29 October 2006

Today I want to talk to you about 5 mountains. Perhaps you've been to Mt Kosziusko near Jindabyne. Or to Mt Hutt or the scenes of the Winter Olympics are already captivating you, are they? The Rocky Mountains in the US are awesome to behold and vast. Of late we've been studying the Bible, specifically the Gospel of Matthew, and some of our most exciting conversations have centered on the return of Messiah to earth, the Parousia, when Y'shua puts His foot down on the Mount of Olives very soon. One thing that may help us, is to take a short break from Matthew and look at the Olivet discourse from the top of some other hills, getting a higher view if you will of history. Can we do that today?

Each mountain g…

Shame in the neighbourhood

Orthodox block bar mitzvah over non-kosher circumcision (Shame in the Neighbourhood)

An article immediately follows from today's Jewish newspaper here in Australia. My comments follow.

by Dan Goldberg
A traumatic row over a bar mitzvah boy's circumcision forced a Sydney mother to move her son's simcha from an Orthodox shul to a Progressive temple at the 11th hour last week.

The bar mitzvah boy had been scheduled to read from the Torah at Chabad Double Bay last Shabbat, but rabbis from the Sydney Beth Din (SBD) ruled on the previous Monday that his circumcision was not kosher. Rabbi Moshe Gutnick and Rabbi Yoram Ulman, two judges at the Jewish court, were at the mikvah in Bondi preparing to draw a drop of blood from the boy to symbolise his Orthodox conversion when they noticed that his brit milah, conducted by a Jewish doctor in 1993, was incomplete.

"We immediately called one of the mohelim to check, and he confirmed a further circumcision needed to be done," Rabbi G…


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Most people in the West have a desire to live peacably and quietly. Most want to get along with their neighbours. Most want to go to the shops, or the movies or the schools without fear of reprisals. Fair enough. And they want government to build good roads and schools and maintain the air in healthy quality.

But when you really get down to it, the number one concern is the economy, and at that, really it's not Gross national products or stock exchanges that much matter, since most folks cannot figure those out anyway.

What really is the bottom line? My wallet. That's what people say. They want enough in their wallet to get through this week, or this month, or some...this day! And if they have enough, the chicken in every pot, then they are happy. And they will re-elect government officials. It's that simple. Always has been. Always will be.

But what's the number one agenda item on your list? Peace with neighbours? Peace in th…

Argentina again

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Witnessing one on one, whether here in Buenos Aires or in Sydney where I usually live is always hard and always worthwhile. Do you know Jewish people to whom you have born a witness and you'd like us to continue? Just email us.

Bob is going again to Buenos Aires in November 2006. Please pray for me to be successful.

Israel update October

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Nearly 5,000 Evangelical Christian supporters of Israel from around the world have decended on Jerusalem for the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebrations. It is estimated that one in every three tourists to Israel is an Evangelical Christian.

The 27th annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, which is sponsored by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, is expected to pump $15 million into the economy, in what has been billed as the single largest tourism event of the year.

Israeli Tourism Minister Isaac Herzog said. "The Evangelical Christian community is a major pillar of the tourism industry in Israel, and they are true friends of Israel wherever they are. As radical extremist forces in the region call for the annihilation and eradication of the Jewish state, we should join forces with anyone that supports Israel," Herzog said.
Source: Jerusalem Post

What Israeli wouldn't welcome the financial 'good news' that C…


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On the streets in Sydney or San Francisco or in this case, in Buenos Aires... we strive to make the Good News of Y'shua clear for people. Not everyone understands it; some want to take the mickey out of us. But for others, it's a case of investigation.

I'm so proud of the people who come to our Bible study in Sydney (Thursdays @ 6 pm) and who are genuinely dealing with the claims of Y'shua. Is he the Messiah? What does that imply?

Good questions. Keep working on this. It's worth the answers.

Is peace possible (School shootings, hijacking)

With shootings in the schools in the US, and terrorists hijacking planes in Turkey, with the Iraq war ongoing and continued trouble between Fatah and Hamas in Palestine....will there really be peace, ever in the planet?

They say the last time there was 'no war' was in 1837.

That's almost 200 years ago, and I wonder if there was simply a lack of reporting of hostilities that year.

But when will peace come? When will people really be safe in their schools or homes or airplanes?

I believe it's when the Messiah, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, returns to the earth. Prince means governor, leader, commander, boss. He's the one in charge of true peace and all other treaties of peace and good wishes are all well and good, but fall short.

Only when Jesus returns will there be true peace on the earth. Won't that be an awesome day?


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How great is our God to give us such beauty, in just one cloud! And what awaits us, in 5767, behind the dark clouds of war and rumours of war? Let us hope there is a ray of sunshine and sense. May men of good will find peace together and men who are endarkened with hatred and prejudice be tempered by justice and God's overwhelming love.

He loves us; he sent Y'shua to die for us to bring us back to relationship with him. What could be brighter than that?

pam patty 06

pam patty 06
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My wife Patty and her good mate Pam in the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa this July 2006. Others are riding; they seem to be having a good time resting roadside!

Shlomi and a European Jewess

Shlomi and a European Jewess
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Some European Jewish lady has written me on her comments on my Flickr site saying this photo saddens her. She said that we should respect each other's beliefs and not try to 'lead someone to' another belief. That's always an interesting perspective, but I think a bit naive. If we find a good restaurant and want others to enjoy the food there, it doesn't matter if the person is an owner of another restaurant. What matters is finding good food and sharing it with others.

I believe Jesus is the Jewish messiah and I share that unashamedly with others. And so does Shlomi here from Israel and with us in Melbourne for a few weeks. Isn't God good? Isn't he worth sharing with others? No matter what people think or how they try to dissuade.

I'm respectful of other people and that they believe, but that doesn't mean I 'respect' every religion out there. Some are just dead wrong. And others have…

Farewells (Irwin, Webcke, Brock)

Farewells (Crikey, Steve Irwin, Peter Brock, Finals Footy)
The world moans at the news of Steve Irwin's passing. He lived with energy and died with energy as a stingray lashed out in a freakish accident ending the 44 year old's tenure as Crocodile Hunter, and father of two, husband of one, and legend to many. The accident took place at the Great Barrier Reef.
Irwin was on location in the area to film television segments, including material for “The Ocean’s Deadliest.” Witnesses on his boat, Croc One, and on a nearby diving vessel said that when he came close to a stingray, its barb pierced his chest and lodged in his heart. Also Australia farewells Peter Brock, famed Aussie race driver and mentor of Australia's Olympic sides in Sydney and Athens. He also was on the Board of Collingwood Magpies football club.
Brock, 61, the son of a mechanic and a nine-time winner of the Bathurst 1000 during the 1970s and 80s, died instantly in the crash. He was the star attraction of the seco…

Rabbis and Bishops Declare

Declaration of rabbis and bishops...they agree!

Today in the UK, rabbis and bishops agreed on some statements of joint affirmation. They published the declaration and the news immediately flew across the news wires and services. What shall we make of this?
The document is in full at the bottom of this commentary.

I believe that the peoples of the world will continue to merge and divide on the basis of good will or bad will. The gathering in Lambeth in the UK was one of good will and that's pleasing to see. Who wants enemies? We'd all rather have friends.

Second, when religions unite and share good will, that's much better than the historic dismissal and/ or torture, certainly by Christian England viz Jewish people. For a detailed yet encyclopedic report of the history of Jewish people in England, see British Jews

Third, I find some serious missing pieces. What they don't say might actually be louder than what they do say. For instance, Anglican Christians in particular, are…

Aug 31 and Islam

What will it take for the news about Islam to be more balanced? I'm watching a trailer by the folks. It is a trailer of their movie Obsession. And it's fascinating. And is intended to blow the whistle on Islam. Will they be labelled intolerant? Will they be arrested like our Dannys in Australia? Will anyone who recommends this site click here be taken to the tribunal?

I hope not.

Let's seek for balance and truth and let the chips fall where they lie.


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Who is protecting whom?

Israel and Hizbollah

If Hizbollah puts down their guns, there will be no more war.

If Israel puts down her guns, there will be no more Israel.

Ewen's question

Hi Ewen
You wrote, "
How do you believe you are born again?

This is a very fundamental and serious question. It's useful to ponder in what context this term is used and how we should interpret things in thiese days.

I believe Y'shua used it to communicate the central issue of people who follow God...their faith. We are to demonstrate and live in faith to be born again. Specifically faith in a person and in the one-off actions of that person.

Being born again (read John 3) is the term Y'shua used to teach us to trust Him as the only way to heaven, as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so he (Y'shua) would be lifted up on the cross. And that whoever puts their faith in that action of God would be born again.

John 3:16 is the most famous and oft-quoted text in the Bible. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

That sums up being born again Ewen …


It seems everyone is getting into this mySpace thing. So here you go

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Some men put their treasures in the bank or on real estate journals, but I took mine with me to Long Beach this last month.

Behold Your God final report

After 6 weeks away in NY, I'm pleased to report that the "Behold Your God" campaign was a massive
success. All the numbers are amazing; the statistics will blow you away. But
remember each number is a person. Each statistic represents numbers of people and
as such we are thankful to God for his love and power in bringing so many into
levels of interest never reached before.

Pass this one... it's awesome to ponder what God did.


August 5, 2006

For the month of July, Jews for Jesus was an unavoidable presence in the
greater New York area —the final stop of the organization’s “Behold Your God”
evangelistic campaigns, which covered every city (54 of them) outside of Israel
with a Jewish population of 25,000 or more.

This Grand Final pulled out all the stops, with over 150 staff and volunteers
from around the world conducting nine simultaneous outreaches to all five
boroughs of New York City, as well as Westches…

Interview with Mendelsohn

Read the interview here.

Geoff Robinson interviewed me and put this on his blogspot. Have a read...he's a good interviewer.

Global Warming

Today's Sydney Morning Herald reports, "Doctors should take the lead in Australia's fight against global warming by informing the nation about the health consequences of climate change, a new report urges.

Climate change is now widely acknowledged as the greatest environmental threat that human civilisation faces.

Epidemiologist Rosalie Woodruff, from the Australian National University, said if global average temperatures increased above two degrees, agricultural yields would fail, several billion people would experience increased water stress and hundreds of millions of others may go hungry."

Today is also Pentecost as last weekend we celebrated Shavuot in the Jewish calendar. It's a day when we remember the fire and the wind and the voice from heaven as the Jewish people (Hebrews) received the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible). In Exodus 19 we read of the thunder and the storm and the wind and fire which accompanied this revelation.

And then many in the Chris…