Turning 20

Jews for Jesus opened in 1998 here in Australia, when the Family Mendelsohn moved from New York City to launch the organization. Who knew that 20 years later, we'd still be here, sharing Messiah among the Jewish people, and with anyone else who is listening?

We gathered at the shop the other day with some friends and donors to celebrate the last two decades, with song, and stories, with food (of course), and with great gladness for all God has done and is doing among our people.

If you have been part of our story, we thank you. Some have sent us funds, or letters of encouragement. Some have dropped by the shop and purchased goods, and had a cuppa and muffin. Some attended public gatherings for the Jewish holidays or were part of our Paddington outreach, have letterboxed for us, or handed out tracts on the streets of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or here in Sydney. We have had volunteers from churches and some who came alone. If any of these are you...please receive our heartfelt gratitude. We appreciate you!

If you are still pondering if Jesus is the Messiah, wondering if our lives matter to the Almighty, if you would like the assurance of significance in light of the loss of community-- then we offer prayers for you today. And we are available to chat or email or Skype. We can also come to visit you, or you can come visit us. God wants you to be in His family. He wants relationship with you. And sometimes He extends that information and that welcome even through us.

May all the world believe in Yeshua, and find eternal life in Him, who is life.


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