Pondering God (Part 9)

9 May. Pondering God. He is gracious, compassionate, abounding in mercy and truth. That's in the Older Testament, again and again. (Exodus 34.6, 2 Chron. 30.9, Deut. 4.31, Jonah 4.2) When asking most people, on the street, or in church, or in shule about who God is, the majority answer with words like Judgmental, Powerful, Fierce, Angry. In fact angry is the #1 answer. 

VERY few answer and mention His grace, His rachmones, His kindness. 

But God is all that and more. GRACIOUS. Giving us what we don't deserve. MERCIFUL. Not giving us what we deserve. In other words Mercy keeps us from hell; Grace gives us heaven. 

GRACE, like a musical grace note, adds something significant but you barely notice it. 
Today, I call you to notice. And to give him thanks.


Elisabeth Meijer said…
Thank you Bob for this wonderful insight. I'm blessed by it.

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