Pondering God (Part 26)

We are rewinding these FB posts for you on Blogger just now. Enjoy the whole month of May musings.

26 May. Continuing our study of God. Ponder this. He is the Bridegroom. Don't think one of those TV 'reality' shows, please. It's not anything like that. Nor is it like the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meagan. BTW, for a strange list of TV shows about weddings, check (https://www.ranker.com/list/best-wedding-shows/tvs-frank) here.
No it's not about romance or money. It's not about a single rose or losing weight. It's not the Bachelor.
What is it with God as Bridegroom? He is patient, and loving. He is longing to be in relationship with us. He has proposed to us, not on the basis of our beauty or our usefulness. This is not a marriage of convenience. This is a marriage of chosenness. 
Isaiah says this, "And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so your God will rejoice over you. " (62.5) God as bridegroom? Wait, then who is the bride? That's for another lesson down the road, since we are focusing on the God of the Bible this whole month. 
Thus God as bridegroom requires some notice. 
John Piper wrote this sermon in 2004, and gave it on Palm Sunday. There he references over and over the Bridegroom imagery and covers much extra territory as well. I hope you will like it. https://www.desiringgod.org/…/jesus-christ-the-bridegroom-p…
God as Bridegroom. He woos us. He asks us. He invites us to be married to Him. This is not some weird nunnery thing. This is real. It's personal. It's the invitation that you see every week on the Billy Graham show. Or when you go to that church where they 'give an invitation.' They want you to be born again. It's as if God is proposing to you, but you have to say 'yes.' 
No single rose.
No flowers at all.
No choir.
No organ.
No pressure.
Just God's open arms saying, "Will you be mine?" 
It's a lifetime of covenantal commitment.
It's a calling.
And He wants you to respond.
Will you? Will you just now say 'yes' to Him?


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