After another series of challenges, national voting and tearful journey speeches, a new VOICE has been crowned in Australia. Season 5 winner is Alfie Arcuri, a Sydney-based architect, and 27-year old fairly new singer. He won the hearts of tens of thousands of his loyal voting fans and captured the crown tonight in a beautiful Grand Finale on Channel 9. Congrats, mate.

Later tonight I'm planning to watch the men's final tennis match at Wimbledon between newcomer Canadian Milos Raonic and Scotsman Andy Murray who will face off for the championship. The crowd will favour Andy of course. The Brits are hoping there is no Brexit in this match, and with the loss of Wales from the Euro 2016 football series, they are putting their strawberries and cream down, picking up their champagne flutes and toasting their 2013 winner.

Later yet, we will have another final to watch. I'm weary just thinking of all these finals. Portugal vs France, Euro 2016 Final, Cristiano Ronaldo vs Antoine Griezmann. Some team will be crowned. Some tennis star will be crowned. Alfie Arcuri was crowned. I'm thinking about crowns.

Click on the link for the YouTube video

Then this song came across my YouTube lists. I appreciate the language and the sounds. Some hymns are majestic. This is one of those.
I hope you listen to the YouTube of Robin Mark singing it with a choir.

And I hope you take this message on board, and crown Yeshua the Lord of your life. Submit to His Lordship and you will find true life. Not for one season. Not until the next leader or president or Prime Minister is hailed, but throughout eternity.


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