Light in the Darkness: VIVID 2016

According to their website, Vivid Sydney is a 23-day festival of light, music and ideas. Vivid Sydney features many of the world's most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations and a cutting-edge contemporary music program.

Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect. It begins on 27 May and lasts until 18 June. Vivid Sydney was voted Australia’s Best Event in 2013 and Best Tourism Event in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

And each year the festival grows, in locations and in numbers of visitors. This year the talks in 150 sessions will range from Chatswood to Randwick to Marrickville and feature topics like "Turn Interaction Into Action: Daily Habits For Innovating" and "Creating a Sense of Place for Migrant Communities" Speakers include Kučka and Margaret Zhang, Tom Dawkins and Myf Warhurst.

This is obviously a great way to get Sydney-siders out and about during the chills of late autumn, to spend a bit of money on food and drink, and to enjoy our great city.

The evening arrives early in autumn and visitors can be treated to the light shows at the MCA, the Opera House, Taronga Zoo, and many other venues from as early as 5:30 pm. And what makes the viewing so good is that light shows up in dark places. It would make little sense to run Vivid at midday in Quito, Ecuador when the sun's rays are directly overhead. Light only makes sense in darkness, that is, it only shows up when around it is dark.

In fact, light and dark cannot coexist. The one diminishes the other. And if there were a real battle of sorts, then light would always triumph.

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Let me ask, what do you think? What will bring light to your darkened world?


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