New year, new prime minister

The news media source, Haaretz published this report on Malcolm Turnbull, the newly-sworn-in 26th prime minister of Australia. Turnbull . They cite the Australian Jewish News report from a few years ago which indicated that Turnbull's “mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish.” He did grow up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, the hotbed of Jewish life in town, and went to prestigious schools before becoming a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. He is a self-made multi-millionaire, so some would say he has all the right stuff.

And how fitting that he became prime minister on Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish new year. We at Jews for Jesus add our best wishes to him as he tries to govern our great country and lead us through the troubles in Syria/Turkey/Hungary, in Bendigo with mosque building, on the footy pitch as September finals are the mainstay of the Back Page just now, and his own party experiences the new boon in his taking over. It's never easy to start over, and especially when the train has already left the station.

So God help our Prime Minister to lead well and to look after his own household and all of ours.


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