Muslims and Jesus

I was one of many speakers at the Sons of Abraham Conference on Sunday afternoon. The conference continues until Tuesday. I'm speaking again at 11:15 am on Tuesday morning.

After the Sunday sessions ended a group of us went out to Lakemba for a lovely Lebanese dinner. Here we were pictured.
After a wonderful conversation about Israel and the Church and what God is doing on the planet, we said our farewells.

I bought some groceries at the local IGA and came out to my car. A Muslim man was there right near me and asked me if I needed help. His name: Abdul. His heart: clean and kind. We began chatting about Jesus and what Muslims believe. I knew some things, but when my new friend Adel Moussa joined the conversation, the amount of Arabic and the sound level increased abundantly. It was terrific. We are pictured on the outside of the four-people photo at the top.

At times up to 8 of us were in conversation, mostly cordial, and at times pretty loud. One young Muslim came up and asked me if I were a Zionist. I queried what he meant by the term and he began almost to shout. The others in the group actually told him off and chased him away. It was awesome to watch.

The reality of the differences in the two religions (actually three religions) was abundant. The grace of God is clear in the faith of people in Yeshua, and in a way, working one's way to heaven was clear in the other two. One simply cannot believe in Islam and either of the other two religions since Islam avers that the Bible and the Torah are both corrupt. That is, they cannot be trusted. For instance, the Bible says Jesus died for our sins. The Muslims affirm Judas took Jesus' place on the cross and God took Jesus up to heaven. Muslims do not believe Jesus died, but rather than he was spared by Allah from suffering.
More to come soon.


Unknown said…
Good post Bob, thanks for sharing. I've heard that there are many Muslims turning to Jesus/Yeshua some even because they see the violence that is allowed by their religion.
I pray that it is true and that it continues
Verity Jane said…
Yes. This is true. Crescent Project in USA has some great materials to help us share the gospel with Muslims. Fouad Masri from Lebanon heads this up and has a video which equips people to be "Ambassadors for Christ" to our Muslim friends and neighbours. The Qur'an tells them to read the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel. We need to be ready to discuss this and offer them literature in their own languages. At first Muhammad was sympathetic to both Jews and Christians. We can guide Muslims to build on that kernel of truth which they already know.

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