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What do you think when you read the acronym in a text message "tbh?" In the world of SMS coverage, "to be honest" seems a simple jargon phrase that says, "I'm telling you the truth." Of course, that kind of phrase makes me wonder about all the other phrases and other statements the person with whom I'm communicating. Were they being honest earlier? Will they continue to be honest?

On TV, the interviewer kept the slogan "Can I be honest with you?" when the Hollywood star is being challenged to tell about the latest movie blockbuster. What is the interviewer to respond? Please, be honest with me. Of course, but were you being honest earlier or will you continue to tell me the truth?

My mother used to inquire into my disclosures, when I was a young man, even a teen. She heard me tell her about my (lack of) homework or about a person with whom I had a disagreement, and she would ask, "Honest engine?" (Of course it might have been …

The Spirit and the Word bring life: A Pentecost message

Hannah, her sisters, Woody Allen and me

The year was around 1985. The scene was the Upper West Side in New York City. Specifically it was inside Leo's Barbershop on 73rd and Amsterdam. About 11 a.m. on a weekday. I was inside the shop and Leo was making me look decent. His shop was unusually empty. I was the only customer in the shop. It was eerie. Like most in his trade, he depended on a steady flow of customers to pay the bills and get ahead. He had been a barber for decades, in NYC mostly, but was originally from Italy. So that I was the only one inside with him on a normal workday seemed odd. I asked him about the reason for such.

He told me that Mr Woody Allen had hired the shop from midday and that I was the last customer of the day. Seemed that Woody had hired out the shop for a previous movie he made, and that he and Leo had 'a relationship' of sorts. I did note a photo of Woody on the wall behind me. And if Woody were going to take the whole place, I wondered what movie it might be. Leo didn't know…