Brews for Jesus

We've been waiting for this for months and really for years. And this morning we opened. At this point we are only going to be open during peak hours in the morning 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. The barista is from Ethiopia which is where coffee was first "invented." So it's appropriate. We love her work and you will really enjoy meeting her. Her name is Lydia.

Monday to Friday we open.
And it's located at the Jews for Jesus Books and Gifts shop. Shop 1/ 257 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.
The shop, of course, is open much longer hours, but the coffee (and tea and hot chocolate) bar is only open short hours.

If you are in the neighbourhood, please pop in. And for $2.50 you can't beat the deal!

Starting tomorrow we will also have little muffins and friands and banana bread. Each only $2.50. So for a breakfast, on the run, pop in.


Bob Mendelsohn said…
OK, no banana bread yet, but little Hello Panda Meiji bikkies. Still, it's all worthwhile!

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