Enjoying the moment

I suppose it's a carpe diem thought. It's about living the moment, not capturing it on a video on my phone. I watched this video video and hope you spend 3+ minutes to watch, to listen, to consider, and to be impacted by the movie by Prince Ea, whoever he is.

Then you have to process it, and process how much time, literally you consume or are consumed by what he call (anti-)social networks. I applaud the reality of Facebook and the chance to reconnect in person with real people since I joined back years ago. I found Marva, the lady who prayed with me to receive Yeshua as Lord. I found many members of my high school graduation class and as a result have attended in person the 40th and 45th reunions. I am able to see my kids and grandson and what they (want me to know they)  are doing. And I'm ok with that. It's like a letter but with pictures and comments. And speed.

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But I understand what the rapper is saying in the video. I am often distracted from real life by having a virtual one. I often say, "If you have a real life, you don't need a virtual one." Apparently I forget that too often and am very grateful for this reminder. And thanks to Laura Barron, my Canadian friend, who posted this on FB so I could be reminded. And so I could write this. And so I could get back to the office or the book I'm reading (too slowly) and make a couple phone calls and ready for the meeting tonight. Real life awaits.

I'm sure my thoughts will continue to swirl on this matter.

Hopefully yours are as well.

Did you watch the video yet? Click video


Bob Mendelsohn said…
Pageantry of vanity, digital insanity, one bar closer to humanity. Nice phrases, eh?

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