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KC Royals, 1985, and history

In the US, there are four major leagues in sport: baseball, football (sorry, that's gridiron), basketball and (ice) hockey. The longest streak of losing has just terminated. The team which had not made its way into the finals' (playoffs) series in 29 years just became a contender today. By beating the Chicago White Sox 3-1, the Kansas City Royals earned a playoff spot for the first time since 1985.

To put that in perspective, this is what happened in 1986..
 1) Duran Duran begin their career as a three piece with the release of "Notorious"
 2) John Farnham released the album "Whispering Jack", which becomes the highest selling album in Australia’s history, featuring the single from the previous year, "You're the Voice".
3) The Beastie Boys release their first studio album 'Licensed To Ill', which goes onto become the first Hip Hop album to reach number one in the U.S.A. It eventually goes onto become one of the most influential and im…

Reunions and Rosh Hashanah: Appointments

I had never attended a reunion of my high school until the 40th which took place in 2009. Many people seemed to know each other; I'd been gone so long. Would anyone remember me? Of course, I'm a fairly social creature, evidenced in continual internet blogs and photo journal on Flickr and Facebook, twitter and such. But those are merely evidence of who I am in person as well. I rather enjoy being with people and meeting new folks and keeping up with former friends.

So it seemed natural to want to gather with the people from 40 years ago. I was not disappointed. And the great thing about being so many decades away from high school was that most of the memories from then were foggy at best. That means that people didn't remember what they wrote about me in my yearbook, or that they didn't even remember if we took a class together at all. Excellent! As a result of attending, I found some 'new' friendships or renewed ones, and have kept those going for the last fi…

What's new in the new year: A study in newness and trumpets

By Bob Mendelsohn Given in Bondi Junction, Sydney 1 Tishri 5775 (26 September 2014)

For the audio mp3, click here

L’shana tova to each of you gathered here today in Bondi Junction as we share together in the feast of trumpets, the blowing of the shofars and the consideration of things new. When I was a kid, we started the school year about now, so we had new clothing or at least one item which was new, and certainly some new #2 pencils and a new notepad or such. By the way notepad was a stack of papers stitched together, nothing electronic. So I went to synagogue and it felt new, even though I had been going the entire year before, there was a ‘new beginning’ feel to the whole experience. At least for awhile. Then the sameness crept in and I began remembering why I found it a bit of a drudgery. Now here I am 5 decades on and wondering if you have something similar going on. You might be thinking, ‘Wait, I already sang that song last year,’ or ‘Two years ago I prayed that same prayer’ or…

Bible Trivia quiz ANSWERS

The answers to yesterday's Quiz. Here's the original QUIZ   I might do this again and again, but this may be a one-off experiment. See how you go.

Bible trivia quiz:

Short answer:
1)Who is Hammedatha the Agagite? Father of Haman 2)How many children did Jacob the patriarch have? 13 (12 sons and Dinah) 3)What is the other name for the Hebrew month Nisan? (Aviv/ Abib) 4)The term “Rosh Hashanah” is used how many times in the Bible? (0) 5)What three Hebrew letters are the root of the word “atonement” (IN Hebrew) (Kaf, Pey, Reish).. 2 points if you wrote K,P,R 6)What is the name of the town witch in the story of Philip and the town of Samaria in Acts 8? (Simeon/Simon) 7)Four women approached Moses one day about land rights. What was the name of their father? (Zelophehad)

Bible quiz

Honestly I don't know why I made this one. Maybe a rainy Saturday helped. Maybe my reading of the book today in the Bible triggered something. I just don't know. But run this test on yourself or your friends or class. See how you go.

Obviously don't cheat; that makes no sense to cheat on a book which basically said, 'don't cheat.'

Please for your own sake, test yourself and see how many answers you get right out of 25. Count each as 4 points and report (if you want) your score. 85 and up is great; 75 and up is good; below that, you need to read slower and listen more carefully.

No one is better if they get these all correct. The amazing thin about the Bible is that you don't have to know very much about it to know it's all true and that God in His amazing love has given it to us to learn about Himself and about facts and history and life and so much more.

--> OK, here we go...(should I wish you 'good luck?')
Short answer:
1)Who was Hamm…