Peace rally

Now this is the kind of view you want to have at an attestation. Placards and panorama. Sweet. Patty and Margaret and I went to the announced location in North Bondi, and then we learned that the rally location had moved to a nearby park in Dover Heights. I'd not been to this park before, but when we arrived, along with the thousands of others, we were met with a tight security and police presence, and staged prayers, singing, speeches and photos. Balloons were sent into the air, and the rally went off without a hitch. 

This was not a protest, although there were tough words spoken about media bias. This was not an angry crowd, although when Hamas was mentioned, it was as if it were Purim and the 's' was an 'n'. (Only Bible people and Jews will understand that understatement.)  The real feeling was one of peace. The only conflicts happened when ultra-Orthodox Jews tried to get secularists to put on tefillin, but otherwise, it was a peaceful gathering. The police estimated 10,000 were there. The organizers were happy with that announcement.

 The people prayed for peace. They released the balloons for peace.

They prayed for soldiers, on both sides.

 This was not an angry crowd. This was a hopeful crowd.
They sang songs of peace.

They hoped for peace.

It was an attestation, not a protest.

There were signs about IDF and about Israel protecting itself. There were the signs of No Hamas and No Tunnels and such, but it was a peaceful crowd.

I was proud to be among them.

All the photos are in the album here Photos of Rally


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