I honestly don't understand these companies. The custom around Sydney is that glass repairing places have the right to affix stickers on your front door, to make themselves available in case someone (else) vandalizes your property and smashes your glass. I'm not sure who first started doing it, but I am amazed. On one property across the street, I saw 9 such stickers from various glass repairing agencies. Fairly obsessive and over-the-top for decoration, to be sure.

So last Wednesday I noticed that two such companies had offered their services to me by posting stickers on my door. OK, no problem. This happened a few years ago across the street, and all I had to do was to ring the company, ask them to remove it and to put us on a 'no sticker' list. Done.  Only not this time. It's now been 8 days and I'm still waiting for these very bad companies to remove a simple sticker. They were in the area long enough to vandalize our door; they ought to be able to find their way back to remove the sticker, don't you imagine?

But each of them is reluctant. I don't want to be petty, but if I were to go put a sticker on their door, they might not be happy. And what right do I have to sticker their office or shop anyway? What ever happened to putting leaflets under the door and offering a service? That seems a reasonable way to live and a way to cooperate, doesn't it? Or am I getting snarky and old?

When I rang last week, each of them told me 'by the end of the week, we'll have that off." Neither said, "sorry" but simply told me quickly "no worries' and hung up. OK, no worries; makes sense to me.

Only now it's been 8 days and I'm not worried; I'm bothered. Is there a company watchdog to whom I can report these two wayward vandalizing companies? The companies are named Superior Glass and Ace Glass. What (else) should I do?

No worries.


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