Hotel 81: Honest reporting

I stayed in a run-down, fairly ordinary hotel last week in Singapore. I won't stay there again. When Expedia, through whom I booked, asked me to rate and review, I thought it right to do so.

Three times I tried to follow their guidelines and each time received this note: "Oops! Looks like we need you to revise your hotel review before we can post it. "

Expedia would not let me post my hotel review which I submitted at their request 3 times. OK... I'll do it here:

"Hotel 81 Kovan I was surprised that prostitutes are allowed in the hotel and that room rates could be hourly. This is actually an encouragement for their activities. The room was very very small; the bathroom and toilet are so merged that neither is efficient. There was no room to put anything on a convenient flat surface and the closet was sideways, so everything which was hung had to be touched when reaching for anything else. The lift from the garage was not operational so I had to lug my luggage outside by very bad footpaths to the street. the whole situation was not convenient at all.

My review: Disappointed."

Expedia gave guidelines about reviews: 1) Don't mention specific prices or room rates 2) Leave out any profanity 3) Don't reference personal information 4) Exclude photos containing inappropriate or unrelated content . I 'fixed' my review each time, but still they knocked it back. What do you think? Did I satisfy their requirements? Is "prostitute" a profane word? You decide.

Makes me wonder when I read food reviews or hotel reviews by others, how many are actually disallowed. In other words, what is the real average score if the company will use everything that is submitted. Fascinating, eh?

By the way, the management told me that hookers were not allowed on my floor (the 'family floor' they called it). I discovered the prostitute visitors because a Christian brother who fetched me on the Sunday morning asked me "Do you notice all the young couples at your hotel?" I told him that I thought it was a 'marriage weekend' or such as I had noticed them in abundance the days before. He told me they are only couples for an hour or two.

Ah! I was shocked, and kept to myself that much more the next few hours until I left country. Sad to say many were using their services; glad to say I sensed no temptation in this regard. Thanks be to God.

Let's be honest about what we report.
Let's be forthright about things we see/ notice/ tell to others.

End of the day, I want to report to people the good things God has done and is doing and will be doing in the world to come. Want to learn more? Keep following me here...


Brisbane said…
bed experience! i understand your stay their, me too had same experience in south west prefer not to say hotel name.
most of the site have wrong information regarding genuine accommodation services.
we should check right information before planning.

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