Mick Jagger turns 70

Can you find 40 Rolling Stones titles in the following story?

I don’t want to go around and around but everybody needs somebody to love.  This is no luxury. I’m talking about eternity. I might have mixed emotions but we need a connection to the God who made us.

Some to be sure are preachers of doom and gloom. They want to talk about darkness and paint it black. Don’t have your nineteenth nervous breakdown. It’s a good story.  Let’s go back to zero.

Listen, the story began 2000 Light years from home. As another land was in view. God looked down from heaven on all those who had an empty heart. And worse, a heart of stone.  Because of our sin, we were a slave to darkness. We were pretty beat up. Sad, sad, sad.

The Bible says God would replace our stony heart and give us a heart of flesh. (Jeremiah 31)

This is the dirty work. He died for your sins. Any way you look at it, that’s an awesome thing to do.  I can almost hear you sigh. You readily admit, ”I can’t get no satisfaction.” And yet you have far away eyes. You should cry, “Mercy mercy!” Don’t have any sympathy for the devil.
Why are you always suffering? As your tears go by you always say to yourself “I wanna be loved.”  We all have a hole in our hearts that only God can fill; there is no use in crying, no longer a need to carry the beast of burden, God wants to come into your life and make you blinded by love! Y’shua is Lord and wants you to know him. Repent and receive Him as your Savior.

Disregarding this offer might be your biggest mistake. This flyer might be your one more shot. Y’shua, the Jewish messiah, says, “Can’t you hear me knocking?” He’s aching for you to please go home.
Y’shua is returning. He’s coming down again. You won’t always be happy, but you would be a fool to cry.  This could be the last time we tell you this story.

Flip the switch. It’s more than an emotional rescue.

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