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St Paul and the Jews: A study on Romans 11

St Paul, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. This message given today at Rivers of Life church in Singapore. A study on Paul the apostle and his teaching about Jewish people, from Romans chapter 11.

"Shalom friends at Rivers of Life Church.

I’m privileged to speak with you again today and to be part of your family of faith. I was with you 18 months ago and you were generous to me and financially supportive of our work among the Jewish people. I don’t take that lightly and appreciate your belief in the Gospel of Jesus going to all people, including the ancient people of the Covenants. As I share with you this morning, about a very problematic biblical passage, and see what God has to say about Israel from Romans chapter 11, perhaps this will clarify some theological sticking points and may give you cause to rejoice, or so I hope, that God is ever looking after us, ever challenging us, ever calling us to Himself. I believe as a result of this sermon today that you will trust God all …

Mick Jagger turns 70

Can you find 40 Rolling Stones titles in the following story?
I don’t want to go around and around but everybody needs somebody to love. This is no luxury. I’m talking about eternity. I might have mixed emotions but we need a connection to the God who made us.
Some to be sure are preachers of doom and gloom. They want to talk about darkness and paint it black. Don’t have your nineteenth nervous breakdown. It’s a good story. Let’s go back to zero.
Listen, the story began 2000 Light years from home. As another land was in view. God looked down from heaven on all those who had an empty heart. And worse, a heart of stone.Because of our sin, we were a slave to darkness. We were pretty beat up. Sad, sad, sad.
The Bible says God would replace our stony heart and give us a heart of flesh. (Jeremiah 31)
This is the dirty work. He died for your sins. Any way you look at it, that’s an awesome thing to do.I can almost hear you sigh. You readily admit, ”I can’t get no satisfaction.” And yet you have f…

Royal Son in hand: Victory for UK

The summer in the UK is full of joy and gladness. So they say. William and Kate have announced the birth of the Royal Son. For cricket tragics, the Ashes are sure to stay in England as the Brits thrashed the Aussies for a 2-0 lead at Lords. Andy Murray finally won and is king of Wimbledon, if they allow a separate sovereign there. Joie de vivre is sure to characterize life this Northern Summer. Add to that the 81 million pounds from May when a Briton won the EuroMillions jackpot. The mystery winner's haul is not the largest ever won on the lottery but puts the ticket-holder sixth on the National Lottery rich list.

The Guardian reported, "A National Lottery spokesman said: "We've been giving the rest of Europe a chance to win big this year but lady luck is clearly shining back down on the UK once again.' "

Didn't you love the ceremony at the Tour de France? This from the Melbourne Age newspaper: "After claiming his first Tour de France victory on Su…

Royal child on the way

I just watched another interview. The baby is coming. The news media is interviewing themselves. The Royal watchers are more active than Queensland during State of Origin. When will the baby arrive? And will it be a he or a she? We await the queen's posting, not on a twitter tweat but on an easel inside the gates at Buckingham Palace! The queen announced the baby would be a Leo, not a Cancer, so she got her wish apparently. And the queen hopes to meet the new great grandbaby before Friday when she is off to Balmoral. By the way, the easel is the same as the one used 31 years ago when William was born.

The royal baby is on its way with the Duchess of Cambridge in labour in a London hospital, the palace has announced. And we will know things after the encrypted phone call goes from Paddington's St Mary's hospital to the Queen, then the notice on the easel, then the 64-gun salute and a three-hour ringing of the bells throughout London. No one will miss it. No one will be l…

Jew denied entry to Great Britain

Jewish man With all the joy of the birth of the Royal Son, with the Ashes squarely in hand for the Brits against the Aussies, and with Andy Murray king of Wimbledon, you'd think that England would have nothing but glee to celebrate and Joie de vivre to characterize it this Northern Summer. But this report from the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle and others is shocking and worrisome. It's about anti-semitism at the border, and a Jewish university student detained and exiled to the US. Read and comment.

"A Jewish student from Kansas was denied entry into Britain for a summer job several weeks ago – apparently due to a customs agent's anti-Semitism.
After being detained for more than nine hours, he was put back on a plane to the United States by customs officials. During that time he was never told why he was being denied entry.
According to the the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, the British man who had offered Louis “Chip” Cantor summer work experience, Kevin Shillin…

Public Lecture

Appeal, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr. Some folks want to watch rather than read. Fair enough. Enjoy this 40 minutes. The Q and A session continued but apparently that part was not recorded. Shame.

So enjoy the video: Yesterday's Guilt... Tomorrow's Fear given in New York City, July 2013

Yesterday's Guilt, Tomorrow's Fears: The Time is Now

Yesterday's Guilt...Tomorrow’s Fear: The time is now!
By Bob Mendelsohn Given in New York City Public Lecture Series Jews for Jesus 9 July 2013
Thank you Sarah for inviting me to give tonight’s public lecture on the subject “The Time is now.” And thank you to each of you who has come tonight and those watching online to listen. Who even has time for coming out to hear such a lecture? Who has time to do only one thing at a time, just now? Many here will attempt to multi-task, keeping their cell phones on, writing notes about this talk and about their shopping list at the same time. We are a time-strapped city in a time-poor country, with less time to do only one thing. Please, that said, please try to stay with me for the next hour. I believe it will be worth your while. And let the cell phone vibrate all it wants. Let it be. By the way, if you haven’t turned your phone off or to silent, please do so now. Thanks. Back in the 1960s Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel sang, “Time, time, ti…