Purim 5 years on

The news from Israel in 2008 during the month when we celebrate Purim was shocking. Ami Ortiz, then a 15 year old, and son of a pair of New Yorkers with whom we used to worship, had opened a package. A bomb exploded leaving him almost lifeless on the floor at his home in the Land. After time, he is now up and about, alive again and a forgiver of the very man convicted this week of other murders.

Here is the story:
Here was a story back in 2001 from Time magazine:

I'm pleased that justice was meted out on American-born Jack Teitel.

I'm sad that justice was meted out on American-born Jack Teitel.

If it doesn't break your heart that someone is going to get penalized for crimes, if you only want pain inflicted on people, if you cannot wish for good for another human being--- something is desperately wrong with you.

God help us all to have such grace in our hearts.


pam said…
I'm sad someone has to suffer, sometimes, LONG term consequences for their crimes because I think of all that probably led up to that person getting to that point. Inside, what we may call an evil person, is usually a lost, damaged, wounded child and that just breaks my heart that all they need is to know they are loved, by the most perfect Love. Having survived an abusive childhood no one can tell me you can't forgive. I KNOW grace, but my forgiveness does not release the others consequences and that is actually hard to watch. People make choices, but still, inside we are all a small child in need of His love, His forgiveness....no matter how old we are. So very thankful God spared your friends son.
Bob Mendelsohn said…
I agree Pam. Deep hurts are only dealt with by the Almighty

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