06 February 2013


"You never know who is listening to you." That's what Lisa told me this afternoon in San Francisco. Seems that 25 years ago, in New York City, when I was preaching at our gathering, a place we called "Kehilat Y'shua." I was preaching about the binding of Isaac, what is called in Hebrew "the akedah." In the crowd that night was a Jewish woman from Brooklyn, named Lisa.

Was she a believer? Neither of us remembers, but what is clear is that what she heard she recalls and it impacted her that night.

You never know who is listening to you. So you speak and teach the Truth. You hope that people will hear. You hope that everyone will hear. You hope that anyone will hear. You hope that someone will hear.

Even if it takes 25 years to learn that they did, it's worth preaching and teaching the Truth. That's a great encouragement to me.

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