Not as they seem

Of course if you were walking next to me yesterday at Bondi Junction, you would know that the boards on the building to my right are actually lined up nice and neat, all in a row. They are parallel lines, and not angled as you see. But that's the thing about photography. Sometimes things are not as they seem.

We learned that in art class in 4th grade, where certain colors combined to form an entirely different one and are not as they seem. Or where the vanishing point as evidenced here is the place where all these parallel lines converge. A good artist must consider those when he begins a piece, especially concerning perspective.

Each day we are met with opportunities to conclude, to decide, to judge, almost from the moment the opportunity arrives. And if we are wise, we are slow to judge, and proper in our evaluation of things. I don't do that all the time, and I'm guessing you don't either.

If we set our minds on the biblical perspective, on the 'things above', where Y'shua is seated at the Right Hand of the Father, then we get things right. Our minds are re-fixed. We start over. We re-visit things and find the true angles and the true nature of things.

Why not do that today? He's waiting. At the distant vanishing point. But he's not gone.


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