Community? (Part 1)

Lately I have been thinking about community. We need it desperately in the messianic world in Sydney, and probably worldwide. I've been traveling representing Y'shua in Korea, Argentina, Australia, and of course the US for decades. This shot was taken in New Zealand 2 weeks ago. And the Jewish woman with me is processing the issue of Jesus, which is awesome. And one of the things that she is discovering is that Christian people (often with whom she is staying) are very welcoming to us Jewish folks. And they form together into churches and communities in all parts of the world. This 'community' nature of the people of God is important for us to ponder and process. Maybe you will work this along with me.

I've a lot of photos on my Flickr site of me with this guy, or me with that guy. And I'm happy that God gives me one-to-one conversations and even one-on-one relationships with people. I value those. I welcome those. I want more of those.

And yet.

I want us to form into communities. We need one another as Jewish believers in Jesus. We need to work together and pray together. We need to walk together and call people into relationship with US, not only with me or you or one by one. We need a community. That might look like a congregation here or there, but it goes well beyond that.

Maybe that's why I'm dreaming of the Messianic Jewish Community Centre. Maybe that's why we have begun and continue Hebrew classes. And Israeli dance classes. And Bible classes. That way we can dovetail our privacy about God into one another's lives.

Once a month we gather in Waverley (near Bondi) in Sydney as OneNewMan, Jews and Gentiles who are seeking a Jewish perspective on the Gospel, and trying to sort out who Y'shua is in this dark and desperately needy world. And that meeting is one of many pieces we need to make community happen.

We need you.

You need each other.

We are not isolated; we cannot survive in isolation. We are social animals and need one another.

Let's keep writing and working on this one. Can you help me/ us talk about this?


Eugene (Melbourne) said…
Shalom Bob. Grait post. I have being dreaming about this issues for years now. (ask my wife) But how? Countless times spend on to talking to other messianic believers, and in the end of the day everyone just going to his/hers own "paradise". I'm trying to make work something of agricultural Jewish messianic community (love everything with farming/growing) but then we are poor family (on money that is) Will we able to eventuate something visible in the form of some land or place for a group of people (our people0 to make things work, including food, dancing and studying? Good dream. I like dreams, particular to make dreams a reality. Could I? Many ideas, no money and no people !? Eugene
Anonymous said…
Dear blog author Bob,
I am actually a robot who has snuck through your pathetic little numbers and letters trick at the bottom of the page!
Nevertheless, I am very interested in what you are doing and what you want to do. I am particularly interested in the idea of a Messianic Jewish Centre in Sydney. We are getting the message from up High that we are currently processing through the spiritual means at our disposal, such as prayer and fasting, that we should cast our nets on the Bondi side of the boat and drag in the heavy fish. We are interested in Russian speaking fish - black caviar- more precious than gold! Pray for more fishermen who have a taste for caviar.
Communally yours, K.M.
Xavier said…
When I was in London, UK, I was involved with Israeli folkdancing - a marvellous way to achieve contact with all kinds of people... If we could have the same in Australia, that would be fantastic!
Anonymous said…
Sounds a good idea , Bob. What a pity you're so far away from us Westies. Would be good to share resources with K.M. (good post, Kon)in your area. Blessings
Alan D.

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