01 June 2012

From what well do you source your morals?

I heard a man this morning, an economist from Melbourne, Dr Ian Harper, talking about morals and economics. I know, sounds weird in the same sentence, no? That's what Dr Harper said! He was telling us much of his own personal story which is chronicled in a newly-released book.

He used a phrase that captured my attention. When discussing what bothers us about the overspending in one sector of government and the underspending on other concerns, he asked us something like, "What makes you so upset? Why are your morals bothered at one hand and not on the other? From what well do you source your morals?" That wasn't it, and I will ask for a copy of the talk and eventually receive it, but that was the gist.

(Ian Harper is one of Australia’s best known economists. As a member of the celebrated Wallis Inquiry, he was at the forefront of financial market reform in Australia. In August 2008, Ian left academic life to become a Director of the former Access Economics, following a 25-year career, including 16 years in various roles at the Melbourne Business School. More recently, Ian joined Deloitte Access Economics as a Partner when Deloitte acquired Access Economics in March 2011.)

Then this arvo I received this invented thank you note as a jab at our Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her boyfriend.

Let me ask you to read this, to consider Dr Harper's words, and then tell me, From what well do you source your morals?

 "Dear Australian Taxpayer,
I want to thank the hard working Australian people for paying for my recent vacation in Singapore and Turkey. I had a wonderful time with Julia.  Honestly, you just haven't lived until you have stayed at a 5-Star luxury hotel.

Thank you also for the use of the RAAF VIP jet and the RAAF crew and security staff who tagged
along to be sure we were safe and cared for at all times.

I understand that the fuel usage by the RAAF VIP jet was minimal for this trip, as were the carbon emissions.

Nevertheless, we must ask Australians
to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars and drive less too, so we can lessen our combined carbon footprint.
I was really exhausted after Julia took me to England for the Royal Wedding last year but it was worth it to meet the Queen and Prince Philip, although we didn’t talk very much, as he was not interested in hair dressing.  So it is always a treat to relax and fly with Julia in the RAAF VIP jet to watch a football match in Melbourne. Fortunately, although Wayne Swan says that all sectors of the community must make sacrifices to ensure that he can meet his budget surplus target, this does not apply to the Prime Minister or Federal Parliamentarians. They will continue to enjoy the whacking great pay rise recently approved by themselves; flying Business Class rather than Economy Class on short trips in Australia (even though there is insufficient time to serve breakfast on the 20-minute flight from Canberra to Sydney);  overseas “study trips” at your expense; Ministers will use the RAAF VIP jet on overseas trips, rather than commercial air services; they will continue to get an enormous pension, and (in Julia’s case) the use of an office, car and driver and the usual travel perks for the rest of her life after she is thrown out of her job next year.

I know times are hard and millions of you are struggling
to put food on the table and trying to make ends meet. So I do appreciate your sacrifices and do hope you find work soon.

Remember, we all have to share the pain of these
economic times equally! 


Tim Mathieson

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Anonymous said...

I do not read those whining letters that are evidently fabricated and unedifying. The fact is Y'shua instituted a new law, a new way of living. He is the door to a new world. Few find it and few want to go there. It has nothing to do with morality which is just another distraction from following Y'shua. Julia is in power and Y'shua must have allowed that but I do not follow her. I follow Y'shua. Julia does what Julia can do but Y'shua does what only Y'shua can do. To be disappointed with Politicians is to miss the point. Our job is to pray that our land will not fall into a reign of darkness and terror. We need to look up because only from Y;shua will salvation come. Roger