Open House

Leigh Hatcher and me by bobmendo
Leigh Hatcher and me, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr.

We recorded a segment today for airing on Sunday night on 103.2 FM in Sydney. It will be broadcast across the nation on Sunday night, during the first hour of "Open House". If you want to listen, visit their website: and look for "Open House." If you find this blog after Sunday the 27th of May 2012, you might be able to visit their website and check out old shows, whatever they call it in those days.

The man who interviewed me is a pleasure to listen to on radio and to see on TV. His name is Leigh Hatcher and he was with Channel 7 in Australia for years and for the last few with SkyNews. I watch him most mornings for a bit of updates.

The subject this Sunday is Pentecost and Shavuot. Same holiday; two very different faith traditions, but there are similarities and I try to highlight those in this interview.

For more, visit my website after the C3 church in Maroubra records me this Sunday. And my sermon will be there, and the text will be up also.

I love doing radio. I have the face for it. Maybe you will enjoy our conversation, too.
Talk to you on Sunday night!


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