FedEx, the arrow and Jewish people and Jesus

FedEx by bobmendo
FedEx, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr.
I often am asked about Jewish people. The questions include issues of messianic prophecies, eternal destiny, and personal evangelism. And often after I preach, and 'make it clear' to the church, I will get this question, "Why don't the Jewish people see the truth about Jesus? You make it so clear."

It's not that Jewish folks are ignorant; in fact, we are nothing close to ignorance. But seeing what you didn't see before; that's an issue of revelation.

For instance, do you see the arrow on the FedEx logo? You have seen the trucks and vans pass you for years, and subliminally the arrow points the way, but most folks never see it.

I'll show you a couple more shots, and then you will see it.

Once you see it, you won't not see it.

I suppose that's the way it is for me and for many of us Jewish people in our discovery of Jesus. We saw him, we heard about him, we heard parts of the story, but we never really saw him.

We read Genesis 3; we read Micah 5; we've read Isaiah 53, but we never really saw it. Only when God opens our eyes do we see the Messiah, and we see Y'shua, Jesus of Nazareth, as the One.

He was there all the time. Then He opens our eyes and we see Him. Thanks be to God.


Anonymous said…
I see the Lord manifest Himself to the Jews...His people...revealing that He is their messiah...His heart is for them...He yearns for them...that they would know Him in the power and truth of the Gospel. We pray that their ears and hearts be open to receive...just as I, who am not a Jew, was grafted in, because of the Grace of God, now in turn, pray that Jews everywhere would humble their hearts to receive their rightful inheritance in Christ Jesus....Amen & Amen!!! to God be the Glory for what He has done....PC

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