A world premiere performance

A world premiere performance by bobmendo
A world premiere performance, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr.

Ann Carr-Boyd wrote the music and the other three performed it. Simple. But it was anything but easy!

Stretzilia is the name of the trio, with Eleanor on cello, Victoria on violin, and Evgeny on piano. They were marvelous and the work they put in to learn and coordinate themselves on Ms Carr-Boyd's work was obvious.

I'm glad I attended the concert held at The Independent Theatre in North Sydney last night. If you can hear them, it's well worth the expense. Check their website at http://www.strelitzia.net.au/


Bob Mendelsohn said…
If you want to see them live, it's great, but for a quick few seconds on High Def video, see Vimeo Strelitzia here.

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