1/366 Not so perfect after all

Each day during 2012 I'm going to try to share a thought or a moment or a joy or sorrow or activity that characterizes or typified that day. It may be from a previous day's shooting, but will be fairly close. Here's today's first entry.

Humility. Perfect, but not so perfect after all. We tend to overrate ourselves or those near us or underrate those we consider lesser. All the while, we are the ones standing in the need of prayer. We are the failed ones. We are the imperfect.

God loves us nonetheless and cares to make us considerable. He wants to bring His life into our lives. Wow, what an awesome consideration that is.

Y'shua said, "You are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48) What! Me! Maybe Yshua didn't understand us, or think of us more highly than He ought to have thought.

Nope. He knew what was in us. The NIV Study Bible says this, "The Sermon on the Mount’s call to moral and ethical living is so high that some have dismissed it as being completely unrealistic or have projected its fulfillment to the future kingdom. There is no doubt, however, that Jesus (and Matthew) gave the sermon as a standard for all Christians, realizing that its demands cannot be met in our own power."

There you go. Only in trusting in Y'shua can we find fulfillment. Only in believing in His perfection and glory can we ever move towards that standard. And the closer we move, the less we care about our own measuring. The less we care about our own checklists. The more we care about Him.

Happy 2012. Think on Him today and you'll be getting it right.


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