04 September 2011

Old photo: New Father's Day 2011

Mendelsohns1984.JPG by bobmendo
Mendelsohns1984.JPG, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr.

27 years ago we took a family photo in Kansas City. Things are different today as Mom and Dad both passed away a few years ago, Michael's family dissolved a bit, and we added Anne in 1990, and Booker joined in the fun a couple months ago.

It's Father's Day in Australia today. Over here we don't keep to the same dates as the US and some other countries. Guess it took longer for the Hallmark cards to make their way over.

So I'm reflecting on my dad and the impact he made in my life. Some of the characteristics and ways of my life that are most visibly owing to him. And I'm glad. Honestly I am. And proud to be called a Mendelsohn. And a son of Elic Mendelsohn.

Thanks, Dad, for 53 good years together. May I be a good dad in as many ways as you were. And may your memory continue to be a blessing to many.

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